A loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous writes:

A friend of mine married young at 22 and divorced at 27. It seems like since he announced his new freedom women are fighting over him like cats and dogs. He seems to be “falling” for any woman who gives him goggly eyes.

He spent his entire adolescence as s fat kid but recently got in great shape which played a major part in his divorce. He was losing weight and his now ex wife wasn’t. What should women keep in mind when dealing with a newly divorced guy? It almost seems like his fat kid self esteem clings on to the first woman that shows the slightest interest.



Surprisingly under all of that blubber was a very handsome man…yet even when he was a fat kid he couldn’t keep a relationship to save his life… his newest… time share is a much older woman… he’s a hopeless romantic. But the newest chick by the name of Taifrench on Instagram is the flavor if the moment.

Again, i think its his fat kid mentality that has him on a leash. The scenario of, a woman having more finances than the man, who was raised on values like chilvery ect… I don’t see this one ending well… he’s an adult but still very fragile in the mind.