Christina Milian has lunch meeting

R&B singer Christina Milian was spotted smoking one of those e-cigarette Hookah thingies while lunching with actor Oskar Rivera at Clafoutis Restaurant on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, CA, on Wednesday. Word is Milian gets paid a pretty penny by an electronic cigarette sponsor to use their product in public.
Photo: Winston Burris/

Will Smith and Jaden Smith at LAX

Will Smith and his Metrosexual son, Jaden, far right, were seen arriving at Los Angeles International airport on Thursday. Jaden is wearing a Visetos Backpack in Cognac by MCM.

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  • zurishay

    Will, bodyguard or boyfriend?

  • LSLH

    Will is so damn fine.

  • Smonae

    LSLH he def aged well :clap:

  • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

    I hate when people try to talk to you when you are trying to goof off. Three people called in... so I am covering reception's lunch. EVERY TIME I come down here the officer at the desk ALWAYS wants to talk to me. SHEDDUP I don't care about your lame life. You not interesting. I can't get you a job here. Stop it. I should be down here kicking it fonting with ya'll and she is all in my screen talking.
    Lemem go byke and read the other post.. I heard my name was fonted :eek:

  • missyJ

    :faints: for Will

    Ion understand the cross season attire. Sweater/shorts/boots how does yo body know what to feel??? :angry:

  • @NikkeMinxx

    Dayum Will! :thumbsup:

  • Jdore

    Wth Jaden got on??? :facepalm:

  • KyCakes

    Jaden got parenthesis thighs.... :no:

  • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

    Oh and Will has a nice body. He always seemed like a :lame: to me so I never was impressed. If Jaden lil like his mama? That must suck. Will's other son got all the height.
    I am not saying I wouldn't puff on a fake cigarette for extra money but since I am not getting paid for it I got the right to say she lame :rofl:

  • QueenSJ

    Christina Milian, whose supposed to be singer, doesn't do a DAMN thing, but stays on the scene...I can't even be mad...

    Will Smith, uh yessur...

  • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

    Jaden got parenthesis thighs
    :whistle: Gap city bih gap gap city bih...

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Ky :rofl: lmfao!

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Will looking like his character in Bad Boys lol

  • capricorn83

    Christina has her own line of portable hookahs, Sandy.

    *licks lips* Will!!!!!

  • Ms Peaches

    If Will Smith had a little beer belly like mine, he could get this. Can't have a man looking cuter than me.

  • MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba

    OMG this lady won't stop talking :angry: I think I might have to slap a O... *Wayne Brady voice* Do you Taken to slap a O???

    @SkyHigh: That's good for you to take it day by day. Make him earn it :thumbsup: And also :gossip: you date other people too if there is not commitment .. don't tell him I said that ... BROS BEFORE Os..

    @DTTS and RWill: Uh huh... I am not jelly. I got other frens who like me. Ya'll speak up let 'em know :waiting: OH YA'LL AIN'T GONE SAY NOTHING *runs out dramatically like Blossom*


    BIG WILLY STYLE :hum: :danban: < gettin jiggy with it :lick: he foine

  • KyCakes

    @El I sure hope Gabby wasn't attempting to do 'YMCA' in your gravi :no:

  • KyCakes

    jeniefrumdabloc says:

    Ky :rofl: lmfao!
    No bullshyt!
    Shewt! Those are the type of thighs I want...

  • @NikkeMinxx

    :newpost: and yeah, I would date a bus driver. The fact of the matter is, dating inside of my tax bracket isnt that big a deal to me . Most of the guys in it want to make me a mistress, have already done the kids and marriage things or just boring as hayul.

  • Just Looking

    :love: Them boots :nun: Yes Hunti

  • Orange Blossom

    she really needs to stop with those syringe-erettes. :no:

    them boots tho :nun: gloray!

  • Orange Blossom

    is there something wrong with jaden's fo-head? why is he always looking so perplexed?

  • libra80sbaby

    I like Christina but her WHOLE outfit is a contradiction. Shorts, sweater, and boots??? :facepalm:

  • IsThisThingOn…Turn my Mic Byke On! :mad:

    @@NikkeMinxx - I left something for the bus driver 'plus column' downstairs :tea:

  • FashionAddict

    I usually don't find light skinned men attractive, but Will Smith is one fine specimen.

  • IsThisThingOn…Turn my Mic Byke On! :mad:

    Ms Peaches says:

    If Will Smith had a little beer belly like mine, he could get this. Can’t have a man looking cuter than me.


    :rofl: :ghost:

  • Crickett

    Christina's mother is her manager like the Kardashians, it stays in the family and mother makes sure she is relevant and paid. Those kids are trying to be different, they spent a lot of time in Asia- their style of dress reflects both Asian pop culture and hip hip swag.

  • Caramel Rain

    Will so damn fine. Christina looks good. I like her outfit. Similar to what I have on now :lol:

  • Fieryearthchild

    E Cig Business is a great market Cig/Tobacco Market tried its best to shut it down. Her endorsements should be $$$$ pretty good. BTW her and Boyfriend Producer J Prince who help put DRAKE on the map she's getting some exposure. Alot of people use the E Cigs and quit smoking in 6 months to a year but others get hooked on the Nicotine that is more felt once you leave out the tobacco out so now another addiction. LOL Fashionwise, Can't front either, I do sweater shorts boots too. LOL :pc: Let me get back to designing and writing... Oh Amanda Knox I highly doubt is heading back to Italy. smh