EXCLU Ludacris relaxes on the beach

Rap tycoon Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie, hid under beach towels while on vacation in St. Barts on Friday, Jan. 3.

Luda, as he is known by fans, acknowledged the paternity of a baby girl named Cai Bella Bridges. The baby’s mother is 40-something Tamika Fuller, who reportedly knew Luda since high school.

Judging from their body language, the new baby may be driving a wedge between Luda and Eudoxie.

Tamika Fuller

Some may say Fuller can’t hold a candle to the much younger Eudoxie aesthetically. But this is where men and women differ. Women are driven by our emotions. Whereas men are driven by their egos and their evolutionary impulses to breed enthusiastically with multiple women. It doesn’t matter how aesthetically appealing a woman may be. What matters is that men fulfill their earthly obligations to be fruitful and multiply indiscriminately.

It is not easy for a woman to accept that her man has strayed, but Eudoxie will get over her hurt and pain. She is a humble, obedient, intelligent woman who truly Loves her man. She knows her place is by his side through the good times and the bad.

In the meantime, Luda has filed paperwork to limit the baby mama’s child support to just $1,754.66 per month. Thankfully, he is a Georgia resident and judges here frown upon gold diggers. Luda has asked the courts to base his monthly child support obligations on his modest $25,000 a month income.

EXCLU Ludacris relaxes on the beach

Photos: WENN.com