Dencia skin whitening

A South African pop star is quickly becoming a star in the United States — but not for her music. Dencia is making a name for herself in the west with her skin whitening product Whitenicious.

Loyal reader Mya Ruthie writes: “It’s all over the net. Apparently she is based in Los Angeles. Although people think she is in Africa, she actually is in America. Can we do a petition to stop her from wiping away the black race? Funny enough, all my friends and colleagues have bought it.”

Dencia has responded to the criticism by claiming her product is not intended to whiten the skin of self-hating black Americans. She says the product is intended to lighten dark spots and skin blemishes.

Critics of the supposed beauty product say the product and its advertisements aren’t doing darker-skinned women any favors, as the “7 day fast acting dark spot remover” could be seen to promote skin lightening and perhaps the notion that one color is preferential to another.

In a recent interview with Ebony, the Cameroonian performer admitted folks might be using her product to bleach their skin, but she says it is intended to be used on minor spots and blemishes. She points out that, at $150 per tiny bottle, Whitenicious is far too expensive for someone to use on their entire body.

The magazine argues that a reduction in melatonin levels might make this product’s users more at risk of developing skin cancer! Yikes, we hope not!!

Thanks to loyal reader Mya Ruthie for the tip.

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