Twista's bodyguard shot and burned

Rapper Twista, right, is mourning the violent death of his bodyguard, Davy "6'9" Easterling, left, who was found shot and burned in a South Side Chicago home Friday.

Easterling was found in an apartment about 6 a.m. Friday in the 8300 block of South Baker Avenue. That same day, Twista had put out messages on Twitter and Instagram, saying that Easterling, who acted as a bodyguard for Twista and who he described as "A close friend of mine," had been missing for three days.

Twista has represented Chicago in his music for two decades and his name is a nod to his ability to rap fast in a clear and concise manner -- he previously was known as Tung Twista.

On Saturday, Twista sent out "#RIP Davy Easterling aka 6'9 I have lost too many good friends to these streets."

State records indicate Easterling had received a firearms training certificate that would enable him to carry a gun as a security guard.

Police were conducting a homicide investigation.

The Fire Department's Office of Fire Investigations determined that the fire was incendiary --meaning that it was somehow started by a person -- said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford on Saturday.

Firefighters were called to the 21/2-story building on Baker Avenue around 6 a.m. Friday, Langford said.

The man found was dead in the bedroom during a primary search, he said. Source

  • Beta

    That's sad what is Twista up to these days

  • Trendsetter

    Now this really hits home....6'9 was a very nice guy, made sure that everyone got home safely. This is such a terrible loss for the City of Chicago.

  • SummerBaby

    This is so sad RIP!

  • IsThisThingOn… :cool: Mic Check 1-2, 1-2

    My GOD. What's wrong with folks?! (rhetorical, i know, but still!) :no:

  • Afiya

    That's that life. :(

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    SMH. Prolly over some completely stupid chit too.

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Twista look like Timbaland in this pic.

  • sassyshe

    That is sad but what mess he was into that his body got burnt.

  • pointhimout

    my city, my city. SMH

  • hell_on_heels

    This is very sad and unfortunate......I don't know what's worst...Detroit and Chicago (South side preferably). And yes, I'm from Detroit; born and raised. But it's getting SCARY.

  • deedeegirl

    Chicago is a dangerous place. A friend of mine who lives there told me you constantly have to be looking over your shoulder. I was friends with a guy who got three to the head down there. RIP.

  • sassyshe

    Chicago is the new age Newark

  • Who Dat

    This is some sad senseless MESS. RIP big homie. DAYUM! :no:

  • Trendsetter

    I wouldn't say that you have to constantly look over your shoulder...however, the violence here is getting out of hand...

  • luVn_liFe…


  • :sissyclaws at Chris Bosh: Oh no you must be MISTAKEN cause D Wade asked me to be his BRIDEMAID :nun:


  • luVn_liFe…

    it's all a tragedy , ALL of the senseless killings and fCukery :no:

  • Buttercup

    I am SEW oblivious when I visit my family on south side. From what I understand, someone affiliated with a gang lived next door and told people to look after those in my folk's house. I used to walk to the corner store all willy nilly without a care in the world.

  • Crickett

    The drug cartels have taken over the city on Obama's watch.

  • sunshineblktan

    I agree Trendsetter. He was a cool guy. He will be missed, this is sad.

  • lola

    Crickett says:

    The drug cartels have taken over the city on Obama’s watch.

    Was Reagan and both Bush's to blame for the drugs in Chicago during their time in office?

    'El Chapo' was captured recently, does Obama get credit for this win in the war on drugs?

    There are rules to everything, for starters: 1. Stay out of gang infested/crime ridden areas! 2. If the violence is in your neighborhood keep your ear to the streets and stay off the hot corners.

    They faulted different ethnic communities like the west side or the projects for the violence. Now its just Obama. People forget about the Daley's and Burge the true culprits of the violence in Chicago.