Paul George

According to sports groupie, Indiana Pacers star Paul George reportedly paid a Miami groupie to abort his baby.

Daniela, a stripper/model from Miami, is roughly 7 months pregnant with Paul George’s baby. Daniela isn’t new to the world of ballers. She was rumored to have messed around with Lil Wayne in the past and can be found frequenting Heat games. Here’s where it gets messy. Daniela and George go back at least to over the summer of 2013 where they were spotted at a mansion party together. When Paul George, who is currently dating Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie, found out Daniela was carrying his child he allegedly offered Daniela a million dollars to get an abortion. Needless to say she didn’t get one because just 2 weeks ago Daniela posted to her Instagram that she’s having a GIRL! Source

Now at least you know Paul George isn’t gay. But what is wrong with these NBA players (and rappers) who have intimate relations with loose women without protection? Don’t they worry about catching anything?

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