Being Mary Jane

Last night’s episode of BET’s hit scripted series Being Mary Jane sparked serious online debates about the manner in which Andre (Omari Hardwick)’s wife serviced him in bed. In a recent episode, Andre, who is cheating on his wife, Avery Daniels (Robinne Lee), with Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union), blamed his cheating on the fact that his side piece performs fellatio on him and his wife doesn’t.

So in last night’s episode, Andre’s wife attempts to give him head while propping her head on a pillow — an act which only angers Andre, and sends him running back to Mary Jane.

Here’s‘s take on the bizarre scene:

So um, why exactly is Andre (Omari Hardwick) and his wife still trying to make this work? In the last new show (two weeks ago) he told his wife that she needed to, um, do a little more in the morning in order to arouse him and get him going. She tried to oblige in last night’s episode, but it was rather awkward. She used her pillow to prop her head up while trying to perform a sexual act on her husband. He later tells Mary Jane about the experience while they were in bed together laughing and giggling. Welp. Oh and he comes to Mary Jane (after she just had a rather successful date) to tell her he’s filing for divorce. She makes out with him. All seems grand. Sigh. Or is it?

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