Keyshia Cole

Not since the days of smoke signals have so many birds been so confused. Social media networks can be a source of great confusion to those who lack good reading and comprehension skills. A tweet can be misinterpreted a million different ways by bloggers and other individuals with their own agendas. Take the birds who sit and gossip on Lipstick Alley and have decided songbird Keyshia Cole directed the above tweet to a Houston stripper whom the birds assume is sleeping with Cole’s husband, NBA star Daniel Gibson.

According to sports groupies Baller Alert, Cole’s tweet “confirms” the cheating rumors, because what else could a random tweet mean?

Drama! Drama! Looks as though Keyshia Cole has just about come out and said it, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson has been sleeping around and particularly with a stripper in Houston named “HTown Ciara”. Keyshia took to her Twitter account last night to take both subliminal shots at Daniel and his “new girl.” Source

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