Beyonce and Jay Z

A Brooklyn restaurant is in the news for a Beyonce-themed publicity stunt. Brooklyn restaurant Brucie created a Valentine’s a la carte menu featuring dinner items inspired by the lounge singer such as “Drunk In Love,” “Breastiny’s Child,” and “I Am Pasta Fierce.”

As dumb as this dinner menu sounds, Beyonce’s Stans are eating it up.

Brucie Beyonce Valentine dinner menu


For this Valentine’s Day, Zahra Tangorra, chef and owner of Brooklyn restaurant Brucie, has created an entire a la carte menu devoted to the pop star.

She and her general manager were brainstorming in a taxi one night when inspiration struck. “I’m not even a person who cares about celebrities, but Beyoncé is just wonderfully radiant and someone that gets people excited—it’s so interesting when you find a public figure who is so much more than their last movie or CD,” she tells PEOPLE.

“The menu is funny, but we take our food very seriously and realize that people are coming and spending money, and we want them to have a beautiful, interesting meal,” she says. “We’re constantly pushing ourselves and we change the menu daily, so this is pretty much how we roll anyway.”

Photo: Beyonce’s Tumblr