Tamika Fuller at court

Yesterday, TMZ.com reported that an Atlanta Judge ordered rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges to pay his baby mama $7,000 a month in child support for his 2-month-old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges. The facts about how much child support Tamika Fuller will receive are completely wrong. Check out the real facts after the break!

According to legal documents on file at the Fulton County Courthouse, Tamika Fuller will not receive $7,000 a month in child support as was widely reported on Thursday.

According to the docs, Ludacris, 36, agreed to pay $2,750 a month in child support beginning this month. That amount takes into consideration the child support he is paying for his 12-year-old daughter, Karma Bridges, from a prior relationship.

The court ordered Luda to pay health insurance and all unreimbursed medical bills for the baby. In addition, Luda agreed to pay for baby expenses not normally required by law, such as private school and future college tuition, etc.

Right now Luda is not paying for day care, since Fuller is on maternity leave. Whenever she decides to go back to work as a waitress at Magic City strip club, Ludacris will pay up to a maximum of $1,700 per month to the Day care facility directly — much to Fuller’s dismay.

The court docs conflict with the sob story Fuller has been giving the blogs. She claims Ludacris does not want to see his baby. But the legal papers reveal that Ludacris has joint legal and joint physical custody of Cai. The docs indicate that Ludacris reached out to Tamika’s attorneys before Cai was born on Dec. 9, 2013, to “establish a parenting plan so that the Petitioner [Ludacris] can co-parent the parties’ minor child.”

Court documents show that Tamika Fuller “demanded” $7,500 upfront before he could even communicate with Tamika’s lawyer.

After Cai was born — court docs reveal that Tamika refused Luda’s request to see the baby. And her lawyer sent Ludacris another letter demanding $7,500.

In addition, the court docs state that Tamika refused to provide financial documentation pertaining to her income as required by the statute.

Ludacris is a good father who Loves his children. He never said he was hurting for cash as a result of actor Paul Walker’s death, or that he couldn’t afford anything. Another complete fabrication is the lie that Ludacris claimed he only made $55K in 2013.

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, a judge ordered all financial documents and financial pleadings pertaining to the case sealed. So any financial information that you read on the blogs are lies.

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