Jay Kelly

When rapper The Game‘s friend passed away recently, the father of 3 stepped in to fill his friend’s shoes as a father figure to the man’s adolescent daughter (pictured left). More than one loyal reader emailed me pointing out the similarities between the girl and singer R.Keliy‘s 14-year-old daughter, Jaya Kelly aka “Jay” (pictured right), who recently came out of the closet as a ‘transguy’ — a girl who thinks she is a boy.

Jay Kelly

Jay Kelly took to social media recently to explain her progression from a biological girl to a transsexual. Jay took questions from users of Ask.FM who asked about her condition, which until 2012 was classified as a mental disorder, and still should be.

Jay says she identified as a boy since the age of 6 or 7. The youngster who isn’t old enough to drink or drive is taking male hormones and she plans to undergo surgery to “to help me be who i was supposed to be.” By choosing to act out on her delusions, Jay ignores the science that says she’s a girl. Her DNA and sex chromosomes says she’s a girl, and those are facts she cannot change with medicine or surgery. Long after we are gone, our DNA will tell future generations what we are, not what we think we are.

The Gay Agenda, a political tool of the left wing media and the Obama administration, is influencing a generation of confused youngsters who can’t apply for a driver’s license but they can request cancer causing hormone shots and permanently alter their bodies.

The Game's daughter

Enabling children with gender disorder is like performing liposuction on anorexic children who think they are fat. Thinking does not make it so.

Gender is a social construct and can change with the wind, but your sex can not be changed. Instead of encouraging children like Jay Kelly to make dangerous, life altering decisions about their bodies, we can have empathy for her and other children with her condition.

As Sven Bocklandt, a geneticist at the UCLA School of Medicine once said, “I really believe the reason most humans are straight is the same reason that most crocodiles are straight, and the same reason most whales are straight; Nature would not leave something so important for reproduction, for the survival of the species, to coincidence.”

Thanks to loyal reader R.Williams for the tip.

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