Antonio Brown vs Louis Vuitton

An Atlanta-based shoe designer is suing Louis Vuitton for trademark infringement, the AJC reports.

Antonio Brown says he wants the prestigious fashion house to pay up for stealing his trademark design — a toe plate on the front of his LVL XIII (Level Thirteen) designer shoes.

Antonio Brown vs Louis Vuitton

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Last month, Brown filed a lawsuit against Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) and Louis Vuitton North America for trademark infringement. The complaint alleges that Vuitton copied the toe-plate design of Brown’s LVL XIII (Level Thirteen) shoe brand for its “On the Road” sneaker collection which debuted in February.

“For me, I just want justice. I don’t want any more confusion in the marketplace. This was a trademark I established and put in the market,” says Brown, who lives on Atlanta’s Westside.

Louis Vuitton North America has not yet responded to the complaint (LVMH was released from the lawsuit, says Brown) and requested an extension from New York Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, which Brown and his attorney’s granted, giving the company until September 22 to respond.

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