Beyonce Tiffany Riddick

Normally Beyonce runs a very tight ship. It is an extremely rare occurrence when an insider breaks rank and speaks to the media about the Beyonce’s inner sanctum. Getting information from behind Beyonce’s iron curtain is like pulling teeth (I know because I’ve tried on numerous occasions).

Beyonce Tiffany Riddick

Amid unconfirmed rumors of impending divorce, Beyonce’s backup dancer, Ashley Everett, spoke to Yahoo’s Insider and denied reports of acrimony between her boss, Beyonce and Bey’s aging husband, Jay Z.

Then on Sunday, Beyonce’s background singer, Tiffany Riddick, took to her Facebook page to lash out at the news media.

Tiffany raged at the news media for writing irresponsible gossip such as Jay Z cheating on Beyonce with his protege, Rihanna. (Even I know that one is not true).

She wrote: “I’m SO SICK of the media and the LIES they concoct at the expense of people’s lives and their families.”

Both women likely spoke out with the blessing of Beyonce, who must feel like she’s under siege with every major headline reporting she is divorcing her husband.

Here’s a reality check for the news media who apparently gets their news from the blogs: Beyonce and Jay Z are NOT divorcing.

I normally get my news from the news media. But if we bloggers can’t rely on the news media for accurate news reporting, then who can we turn to? The media should stop trying to compete with the blogs and go back to reporting the factual news.


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