Draya Michele

When social media took the place of expensive publicists (some of whom charge $250 per hour), savvy celebrities figured out how to use the social platform to create fake scandals and PR stunts for cheap publicity.

Most notably, power couple Jay Z and BeYaki are accused of pulling off one of the biggest stunts of the year — faking marital problems to boost sagging concert ticket sales. Apparently their stunt worked: the tour reportedly took in over $100 million in tickets sales.

Less notably, reality TV star Draya Michele reportedly pulled a similar stunt by taking to Instagram to announce she and fiancé, NFL player Orlando Scandrick, had split up.

But now sports blogger Stiletto Jill has unearthed intel that proves Draya and Orlando may have cooked up a stunt to boost ratings of her reality show.

From Stiletto Jill:

Draya and Orlando appeared to be going through a very public break up, complete with the obligatory social media sub tweets.

But a fan who attended Cowboys camp on Saturday spotted Draya and asked her to take a photo with her son. Draya’s family pass clearly says she’s there for Orlando. So are the two trying to cook up a plot for reality TV? Or just simply going through the ups and downs that relationships go through? Someone asked Draya on her IG if she was going to stay at camp, she responded and said she was just dropping him off.

Draya Michele

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