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In a recent interview with Dish Nation, embattled former ‘Scandal’ actor Columbus Short called out gossip tabloid for ruining his career and destroying his family.

“My character has been assassinated, unjustly,” Short told Dish Nation.

“I feel like, [gay TMZ founder] Harvey Levin got the proverbial hard-on for me or something because he was attacking me for no reason. What I found out, you know how it goes, these stories get money… TMZ is making all that money, but it’s blood money to me. I really believe it, because you’re destroying people’s families.”

Short was arrested in February for allegedly beating his estranged wife, Tanee McCall. TMZ had a field day writing stories about Short’s legal problems and his issues with McCall, whom he says dished dirt about him to TMZ.

“My ex tended to believe that the police department were like her security guards or something,” Short said.

Short addressed his defense of Ray Rice whose NFL career is in doubt after TMZ published video footage of him punching out his wife in a casino elevator.

“My first Instagram I said, I stand by Ray Rice. I said what he did was absolutely wrong. However, what TMZ… the point is TMZ. I have a lot against TMZ. We are fallible. Men, we are fallible creatures, mankind. And I think everybody deserves a second chance, everybody deserves a chance to get it right,” Short told Dish Nation.

“TMZ being the judge and jury and the executioner of somebody’s career is ridiculous to me,” he said.

Short dishes to Dish Nation about TMZ destroying careers and families in the video below.

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