Ray Rice

A. J. Delgado, a National Review columnist, says former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is “a victim,” and the shocking elevator video footage actually helped his case.

AJ Delgado

Delgado, author of the controversial book “Crying Rape,” was a guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier this week. She called Ray Rice the “bigger victim of domestic violence,” and, according to Delgado, Janay “knocked herself out.”

Some might say I’m defending Ray Rice here. Maybe I am, but if you watch the video, the video actually helps makes him look better than he did before. She repeatedly attacked him. He’s a victim—flat-out fact—of domestic violence. Only after she’s hit him several times and spit on him does he finally hit back. … And she happens because of that blow to knock herself out on the railing. That was an unintended consequence, I’m sure.

Delgado added:

“I thought we live in this gender-neutral society. Liberals are always telling us men and women are exactly the same, they should not be treated any differently. But when it comes to domestic violence or rape accusations, the woman is automatically the wallflower, automatically the victim. I would love to have a liberal explain that to me.”

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