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It’s become a routine sight to see NFL football players listening to their favorite tunes through Beats by Dre™ headphones on game day. But Bose electronics — the go-to choice for serious audiophiles — just put the smack down on players rocking the bass heavy headphones on the NFL sidelines this season.

Bose became “the official sound of the NFL” after negotiating an exclusive deal with the National Football League.

Worried that football fans were confusing the ‘b’ on the headphones for their products, Bose reached out to the NFL, which announced players can no longer wear Beats by Dre™ on game day, in training camp, in television interviews, or in locker rooms. The ban on the trendy devices ends 90 minutes after the game is over.

Obviously this is not good news for Apple which acquired Beats by Dre™ in a multibillion dollar deal with rap moguls Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

From Recode:

Under terms of its agreement with the league, the NFL confirmed, Bose received a broad set of rights that entitle it to prevent players (or coaches) from wearing any other manufacturer’s headphones during televised interviews.

This ban extends to TV interviews conducted during pre-season training camps or practice sessions and on game day — starting before the opening kickoff through the final whistle to post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium. The restriction remains in place until 90 minutes after the play has ended.

The sleek $300 headphones are popular with fans who will buy anything a celebrity endorses. But an article in the NY Times rates the Beats by Dre™? headphones the worst money can buy.

“In terms of sound performance, they are among the worst you can buy,” said Tyll Hertsens, editor in chief of “They are absolutely, extraordinarily bad.”

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