Tameka Harris

Talk show Guru Wendy Williams was very critical of Tameka “Tiny” Harris‘ new colored iris implants. Miss Wendy did not approve.

Both ladies are friends of the blog so we are not choosing sides. But Wendy did make a good point.

“The eyes are the window to the soul. And getting your eyes permanently done like this is, to me, as bad as people who bleach their skin,” she said during Monday’s Wendy Williams Show “Hot Topics” segment.

Others are concerned that Tameka might influence her young fans to risk their eyesight by getting eye implants from shady street practitioners in the U.S.

Tameka wrote up what amounts to an advertisement for the doctor who performed her surgery. She explains that the surgery is only approved for medical purposes. Iris implants are not approved by the government for cosmetic purposes.

Edit: If Tiny got her implants in the U.S. that means she got it done for medical reasons, not cosmetic.

Watch the video below.

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