Tameka Harris

According to an online report, popular black sorority groups, AKAs and Deltas are upset with rapper T.I.‘s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris for falsely misrepresenting herself as an official member of their sororities.

UPDATE: Tiny responded on Twitter.

Tameka Harris

AKA member, @notcarriebradshaw, tweeted: “I don’t think anyone was hating. We work really hard to earn the right to throw up that sign hence it comes off as disrespect… although I’m sure that wasn’t her intention.”

From Naturallymoi.com:

According to Bossip.com, TI’s wife Tiny is apparently doing something that is just not acceptable in the world of black greeks. The site claims that Tiny is throwing up the signs for both AKA and Delta, and nobody remembers her ever pledging or crossing for any sorority.

In fact, some are not even sure that Tiny finished high school, which might add insult to injury.

The picture we found is one of her throwing up the delta sign, but they claim that she’s repping AKA too. We doubt that either of these distinguished sororities would make her into an honorary member, so we’re hoping that you can explain what’s going on here.

The moral of the story is women are going to hate on Tameka no matter what she does. She has it all: a handsome, rich man, beautiful children, and a fabulous lifestyle that her haters can only dream of living.

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