BRTB TV just released the trailer for the scandalous new web series Triangle, starring Kenyon L.Obrien, Emery Johnson and Dominique Smith. This is the future of black men in America, ladies. Get used to it.


The screen grab above gives you some idea of what is in store for viewers.

Not all in the LGBT community are thrilled about the new series. YouTube user Mysa Pain writes:

I feel its great that a person is chasing there dreams kudos.. However I can’t understand why promote a scandal based web series about a sexual triangle(typical)when your surrounded by a Super Talented community of voguer that should be spotlight lighted if I am as I claim for a certain community to better it. Creating a dialogue about outward gay infidelity in relationships is pointless when its been viewed before. Showcase the talent that deserves to be showcased, not a group of sexy coy gay men acting out some Bs love scandal…

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