Omar Slim White

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “slim” White gives advice on how to choose the right mate.

By Omar “Slim” White:

Not all Men cheat and not all Women cheat. So the question remains: how does one determine the characteristics to look for in picking the proper candidate?

Before we answer this question, let us first understand what cheating means. Cheating isn’t just necessarily based on exchanging fluids with outsiders. It is anything that involves “cheating” the appropriate energy that your spouse deserves.

If you’re always feeding your energy to “outside forces” versus the one you love then that too is a form of cheating. That outside force can simply be the act of always wanting to leave that loved one behind while engaging in other activities.

When two people are totally in love they’ll always find creative ways to participate in the same activity. Many of you reading this are thinking, “well doesn’t that become boring?” Well, my answer to that is: if you’re totally connected to that person, then you’ll always enjoy their companionship. If you get bored or irritated by your partner, then maybe it’s time to reconsider some things.

When identifying the ONE, you must first internalize how you feel around that person. This feeling should be based on this experiment:

Put your left shoe on your right foot and your right shoe on your left foot. You’re able to walk but how does it feel? Now swap shoes appropriately then ask yourself how does it feel? It feels more harmonious right? That’s how it feels when you have a true connection with someone.

Once you’ve discovered the ONE, then it’s important that they have a logical, rational, analytical mindset. Imagine being in love but your partner didn’t have the proper sight to see your value? This is no different than casting pearls amongst swine. (You’re feeding something that does not have the capacity to receive it properly). In order to fully engage, both parties involved must understand that the connection shared isn’t something common, and that alone is worth fighting for.

Once you understand the proper value of the jewel standing before you, then you’ll think twice about cheating :)

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