A transsexual who lived for a decade as a woman was buried as a man by his family. The open casket funeral angered Geoffrey Charles Gable’s friends in the LGBT community.

Gable, who lived and worked as Jennifer Gable, was presented as Geoffrey Charles Gable in his obituary. Nowhere in the obituary was the name “Jennifer” mentioned, according to the NY Daily News.

The obituary mentioned Gable’s failed marriage to a biological woman.

Gable, 32, died of a brain aneurysm in October. He collapsed while working at a Wells Fargo bank.

The Daily News described Gable laying in his casket wearing a pin-striped suit. His long hair was cut short.

“They tried to make her look like a boy,” friend Stacy Hudson told the Daily News.

According to the Miami Herald, Gable changed his name to Jennifer after he began transitioning to a transsexual with feminine characteristics.

An emotional obituary on Facebook paid tribute to the life of Jennifer Gable, not Geoffrey.

“She would not have wanted to relive the horrible life of Geoffrey,” said Brandan Klosterman, Gable’s friend. “She wouldn’t want to be buried that way.”

Gables grandparents, who raised Gable and his brother, called the funeral a “family situation” when contacted by the Daily News on Saturday.

Friends of Gable urged other transsexuals to discuss their funeral arrangements with an attorney who will act as executor and carry out their wishes.

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