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Tamir Rice

A video released by Cleveland police reveals 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot immediately after police arrived at a recreation center.

Tamir Rice protest

Tamir was shot by a police officer who responded to a call about a boy pointing a gun at a playground.

The man who called 911 told the dispatcher that the gun was "probably fake" and the boy was scaring everyone. But the dispatcher did not pass that information on to responding officers.

The grainy surveillance video shows Tamir sitting at a picnic table at Cudell Recreation Center. The boy stood up and took a few steps toward a snow covered grassy area.

A moment later, a police cruiser pulled up in front of Tamir. An officer exiting from the passenger side of the patrol unit immediately opened fire on Tamir -- shooting the boy once in the abdomen.

The video showed Tamir reaching into his pocket or waist band as the police cruiser pulled up. It isn't clear if Tamir was raising his jacket to show the officers that the gun was fake.

What is clear is that the officers did not give the child a chance to raise his hands or react to their orders before he was shot.

The shooting raised questions about the police handling of the case. Tamir's father, Gregory Henderson, questioned why police chose to open fire instead of using a stun gun.

The police shooting recalls the case of Levar Jones, the 35-year-old Columbia, SC man who was shot when he reached into his car for his driver's license after being pulled over for a seat belt violation. The South Carolina state trooper who shot Jones was arrested and ultimately fired.

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      He literally got out of the cruiser and shot. There is no way he said "freeze, hands up, nothing"

      But I will be fair and tell y'all to look for the video of the white cop who shot a white made who "had a knife". He was deaf and special needs. He was known for carving wood while walking on that street every say. No one called in a threat and officer saw him walking. Stops his car. Says drop the knife (he fires the shot as he is saying knife) it is heartbreaking

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      How come...with the thousands of black cops in ain't never picked up the paper, turned on the TV, or the news...and seen white folk crying...because this black cop...shot my loved one in the back of the head...cause he thought the cellphone was a gun. How come you don't see that?...You think black cops is...more spiritual? You think better qualified? Nah...They got enough sense to know that white folks ain't going to tolerate it...And the only reason they do to us what they do cause you tolerate it. Ok, I'm not telling you don't chastise these young men! But I ain't see you chastise the police!! Killer Mike's "Don't Die"

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