Sorority Sisters

About 50 advertisers have pulled their ads from VH1’s new reality TV series titled ‘Sorority Sisters’ after fielding complaints from angry sorors who strongly disapprove.

Sorors nationwide complained bitterly that the show portrays them and their sororities in a negative light.

While advertisers may be pulling their ads from the show, they are simply asking VH1 to move the ad from one time slot to another. So VH1 is not losing a dime in revenue.

And frankly, Vh1 has shown a glaring lack of sensitivity about portraying black women in a negative light. That’s why the show hasn’t been canceled.


After 50+ advertisers pull out [yes 50] VH1’s Sorority Sisters hold a dialogue in a last ditch effort to save the show…

Last night after the second episode of Sorority Sisters VH1 hosted a dialogue with the cast members addressing the backlash received from the Greek Letter Organization community.

During the special segment the ladies revealed they have been receiving death threats, admit they were slapped with cease and desist orders from their sororities, but none of the women regret appearing on the show insisting they only represent themselves.

Go here to watch the full dialog. List of advertisers who pulled out below.

Sorority Sisters

I just got off the phone with an insider who says cast member Adrene, left, who owns House of Adrene Boutique in Atlanta, is not a Delta. Apparently no one knows where she pledged. Additionally, Adrene was enlisted by producer Mona Scott-Young to be the show’s troublemaker, and everyone who knows Adrene knows she’s a sweetheart. But those reality show checks are hard to turn down. Especially when you’re a cash strapped businesswoman.

Sorority Sisters

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