Rahaem Felton and Londyn KiKi Chanel

A 31-year-old Philadelphia man is under arrest for killing his cross-dressing roommate on Monday.

Raheam Felton, left, faces murder charges in the stabbing death of a 21-year-old man who went by the name Londyn Kiki Chanel (pictured above).

Police say Felton argued with Chanel in the run-down apartment they shared with another transgender. The argument escalated to violence when Felton grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Chanel repeatedly in the neck and back.

Afterwards, Felton carried the bleeding man down the stairs and outside to the sidewalk where he flagged down a police officer. The officer gave Chanel CPR while he waited for emergency responders to arrive. Chanel later died at a hospital.

The NY Daily News notes the fight was over a “domestic dispute” and not a hate crime.

Chanel was born London Banks in Victoria, Texas. He traveled to Philadelphia several years ago with dreams of a new life. But the harsh realities of being mentally ill and homeless led him to try and reconcile with his family in Texas.

”She was going to come home,” Chanel’s mother, Veronica Allen, told WCAU-TV. “That’s what we were working towards, but that man took it away from me.”

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