Blake Brockington suicide

A reader who was most likely born with male genitalia, sent an email in response to yesterday’s post on transgender teenager Blake Brockington who committed suicide a year after she was named homecoming ‘king’ at her high school.

Read the email after the break.

Dear whoever runs this site,

As a straight cisgendered woman i would like to politely ask you to stop acting so goddamn ignorant towards transgendered people.
You don’t get to decide what someone’s gender identity is, THEY do. So PLEASE stop using male pronouns for trans women and female pronouns for trans men etc.

For example: Laverne Cox is a woman. Full stop
You don’t get to call her a he. That’s offensive.
By assigning the wrong gender you’re seriously hurting people and you’re becoming a part of those people who drive them to suicide/depression.
Being transgendered is not a mental illness, or as you call it so disgustingly on your website: identity confusion…………………………….
By calling these people confused and assigning the wrong gender you’re also belittling them, which is extremely disrespectful.

And “Gay Agenda????” “convincing mentally ill children as young as 4 that their “identity confusion” issues are normal??????”
Are you okay?????

Love your neighbour as you love yourself – well, maybe you should first learn how to love yourself.

Yours not so very much sincerely,

Mijke G.

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