Chris Brown mini bun

As the #Teamnatural, #TeamRealHair movements gather steam in the black community, men are speaking up about their distaste for all things fake as it relates to black women.

It’s no secret that black women are the largest consumers of hair weave products. Black men yearn for the days when they pulled their women’s hair during sex and the hair didn’t come off in their hands.

Yesterday, Chris Brown posted this photo of himself wearing his hair in a mini bun.

“This how most of yall ladies be looking after the club!” he wrote in the caption. His post was an obvious dig at black women who take their hair extensions out when they sweat out their weave at the club.

Brown and other rappers have begun taunting black women who either refuse to style their own natural hair or they can’t afford to maintain their luxurious locks weekly.

Maybe more black men should speak out against the hair weave industry that has made millionaires out of non-blacks for decades.

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