Monique Lee Daniels

Openly gay director Lee Daniels is quickly becoming the most hated gay in Hollywood.

In a profance video posted to his Instagram page yesterday, Daniels lashed out at the Television Academy for snubbing his hit Fox musical soap opera ‘Empire’.

Despite ‘Empire’ receiving 3 Emmy nominations — including a Best Actress nod for Taraji P. Henson — Daniels threw a hissy fit, telling the Academy “f*ck you mutherf#$%#s!” Daniels was heated because ‘Empire’ was passed over for best drama.

Social media was quick to respond to Daniels’ elitist attitude. Many social media users agreed with the Academy that ‘Empire’ simply wasn’t good enough to garner more than 3 Emmy nominations. Especially since Henson carries the show on her aggressive shoulders.

HBO fantasy epic Game of Thrones led the nominations with something like 126 Emmy nods — which didn’t sit well with Daniels.

Actress Mo’Nique, who was passed over by Daniels and Oprah Winfrey for meaty movie and TV roles including Henson’s role on ‘Empire’, was quick to taunt Daniels for being an ungrateful drama queen.

Though Mo is favored by white Hollywood, Daniels and Oprah blackballed Mo’Nique and publicly ridiculed the Oscar-winner for not going along with the program.

“The truth never needs defending. We’re big believers in the law of nature, that what you put out is what you get back,” Mo’Nique told TheWrap. “When people were saying those things, I understood it, but I knew it wasn’t true.”

“Everything that’s happening to that brother right now, he deserves it,” Mo’Nique said of Daniels.

Mo’Nique, 47, was nominated for her role as Ma Rainey in the TV docudrama Bessie, starring Queen Latifah as the legendary jazz singer.

In another video posted to his IG account last night, the 55-year-old Daniels took back his F U comment to the Academy, saying his tirade was just a joke.

Daniels said he “loves the Emmys” and he congratulated all the nominees.

But many in the TV industry believe Daniels has burned too many bridges in Hollywood with his Diva behavior.

Watch Daniels’ throw a hissy fit below.