It’s no secret that married men are a hot commodity on social media. All a married man has to do is flash his wedding ring to get swarms of follows on

Biological females aren’t the only ones who seek out married men on social media. Mia Isabella, the cross-dresser who rocked rapper Tyga’s world (in more ways than one), provides encouragement to heterosexual men who are considering going over to the other side.

IG user Gingerspeaking has compelled a treasure trove of tweets surrounding the Tyga/ Mia Isabella gay sex scandal.

In one Twitter exchange on isabella’s Twitter page, a “confused” man wrote: “I’m married and recently started enjoying transexual p0rn, especially yours! Do you find it very common? Am I confused?”

Isabella replied, “oh honey don’t be confused you’re just fine in fact you’re late to the club your favorite Model rapper/actor they love it”

This is a good time to remind you that 2 out of every 3 women infected with the HIV virus are black women. In fact black women rate 2nd only to gay males in high risk factors for HIV. The rate of HIV infection among black women is 20 times higher than white women.

Let that marinate.

One theory behind the high rate of infection among black women is black women contract HIV from recently released prisoners. But prison inmates are tested for the HIV virus, and those who test positive receive anti-viral treatment and counseling. The rate of infection among the prison population is much lower than the general public.

There are more cases of Hepatitis C in prison than HIV.

So that leaves promiscuity and high-risk down low behavior among black men as the main culprit behind the high rates of HIV among black women.

Protect yourselves, ladies.

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