BRuce Jenner

Don’t count Geraldo Rivera among the news journalists who shamelessly fawn over senior citizen cross-dresser Bruce Jenner.

In a segment of The Wrap’s web series “Drinking with the Stars,” the 72-year-old Fox News reporter said Jenner and his ex-wife Kris Jenner conspired to collect millions off his coming out story.

Rivera compared Bruce Jenner’s coming out to the wedding con pulled by Kim Kardashian who divorced hapless NBA star Kris Humphries after 72 days or marriage.

“Why do I mention Kris Humphries? I think that the Kardashians are the fakest people. They are totally created — brilliantly,” said Rivera. “They have the talent and promotion more than anyone.”

Turning his attention to Bruce Jenner’s transition into a 65-year-old drag queen, Rivera said, “And I wonder how much of Bruce — who I interviewed as Bruce a couple times over the years — how much of that is motivated by the big pay day at the end of it.”

Rivera added, “Do you think that Bruce could’ve fooled Kris [Jenner] all of these years, that he really pulled the wool over her eyes? One of the most clever, perceptive, insightful women in public life in America today, she was hoodwinked?”

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