Safaree Samuel

Nicki Minaj's hapless ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels probably thought his new girlfriend, Zashia Santiago, was a prize catch. It turns out Ms. Santiago is a convicted felon who worked as a certified nursing assistant until her arrest for identify theft.

According to Flex, Santiago collected patient IDs and social security numbers for her boyfriend, Cristobal Puig, who allegedly used the info to file fraudulent tax returns.

Santiago was promised $500 per patient once Puig received the refund checks. But their plans went awry and Santiago was busted.

She lost her job and her CNA license.

Santiago pled guilty to stealing patient personal information and one count of felony possession of 15 or more unauthorized access devices. She was spared prison and received a $100 fine and 100 hours of probation. Her light sentence probably means she snitched on her boyfriend.

Santiago is due back in court for violating the terms of her probation in May. Which means Safaree might have to put money on her books when he visits her in prison.

Poor Safaree. He stays losing. At least Santiago wasn't born a dude.

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    • 1/8

      "Poor Safaree. He stays losing. At least Santiago wasn’t born a dude."


    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Oooooh, damn. Now...That's some actual tea?? I once worked as a CNA?? Changing bedpans and wiping a?s is what my day consisted of? But for those generous patients,,,Who liked to share their pain meds, I'd have never lasted as long as I did??????

    • andrice

      She's still cute......Nikki is no saint. What's really the point?

    • Handle your issues

      Hmmmm ain't meek a felon too? I'd call it a draw.

    • DYmondgurl

      There is no concoction of meds in the wurl craig!!! Nerp

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Gerl, Yeen never had my special vicadonay elixir??Have you feeling like Queen Bey?????? For the next two hours at least?? Not to mention some of those pans were underneath a few that were truly blessed??? If still functioning, that's when I would slip them my resume that hi lighted the fact that I also do 'massage' work????????????That's where the good money came in?? Damn I miss Brett Favre? Alls it takes is one blabber mouth and boom...You're hiding yo whip from the repo man??

    • Torae

      Minaj is losing...she looks happy on the outside but inside she probably MISERABLE....with her fake relationship...

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant

      Nicki probably exposed this girl. Lol. She can't let Safaree move on to someone who naturally has body AND is pretty. Safaree might as well wait for all of her stuff to fade, since he probably knew already.

    • 1/8

      She may be morally bankrupt, but at least she has some nice breasts!

    • DYmondgurl

      zombie elixir u say.... butterum how u 'massage' loose hangin danglin skin?...did u hilight your lack of gag reflex & anal retension tew bew

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant


    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      That's where the demo reel comes in handy?? They can see my skills in 3D?? And no matter how loose the skin, I can hit that tissue?? Ask Star Jones, one of my best clients at one point...As was Al??????

    • PiggyBanks2000

      Eh! She still cute though. Who amongst us hasn't done stupid ish as a kid or young adult? Some are just lucky enough not to get caught.

    • PiggyBanks2000

      OAN...she can do better #sipstea

    • SummerBaby

      She reminds me of Nicole Murphy

    • Femme404

      You like breasts?

    • SaltineCrackers

      Damn Sandra

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      You got some knots that need to be worked out? Full body, deep tissue, happy ending?? I accept all major credit cards and honor all sizzler coupons that haven't passed their manufacturerd expiration date??????

    • Renee Bee

      Dayum! Dayum! Dayum! Loose morals ho. Stealing from the sick and elderly. Smh. Nursing is a calling. It ain't for everybody. (maybe that why she didn't have an RN)
      S/N Thanks for the late post Auntie. We appreciate it.

    • 1/8

      Not on my man. ?

      Just because I'm gay, doesn't mean I can't appreciate a beautiful woman.

    • imright

      lol. whos 2 say Safaree didnt already kno.

    • imright

      she still looks better than Nicki ? try again

    • Femme404

      I could have you if I wanted you.

    • Di Ana

      He wasn't thinking, he was just too busy being concerned with how to make Nicki jealouse and from the looks of it ... It's backfiring.

    • iWasteTime

      This woman can be a felon, with 9 kids, 11 baby daddies and be addicted to chalk and she still a better come up than Meek


      pretty low down to steal from anyone. especially cruel to do it to folks u are paid to care for. everything in a pretty package aint good.

    • GuestSTAR

      If Nicki wanted his 'on the rebound' a$$ back today, he would go flying back to her, because he's still in love with her. Seems like he's just out there, out there trying to prove something, like he can get a badder btch than Nicki. Bet he's cryin himself to sleep at night.

    • Di Ana

      She got that Amber Rose vibe going on.

    • 1/8


    • missaah

      Well..He DID leave Nicki..He's trying to prove something..But Omeeka is not? NAW lol

    • Femme404


    • Hello Desi

      Those poor elderly people. I used to work in the banking industry and so many people take advantage of them. ??

    • Ms. Moore

      Hell, wasn't Nicki in trouble for an attempted murder before?

    • Ms. Moore

      Lmao, I was thinking the same thing! Just like I think Blac China exposed Tyga?

    • Rayne

      You a true fool. Lmmfaoooooooo!! I love it.

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant

      How my anatomy is set up, I don't fit the description of your "clientele" ?. But, I can send you some deacons who've lost their way and a few retired pimps.

    • That’s Interesting

      Beautiful and trifling. A dangerous combo. She should have done some prison time. I hate people who take advantage of the elderly, children, and any vulnerable people.

    • Minase?

      Que fea la mujer

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      To me she look like Superhead ??

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight


    • Check Mate

      If and when she does her time in the slammer, i wonder will Safaree watch her 10 yr old son?

      if its really real


      I think I simply wish to know just what kinda circles he runs in to even cross paths with this woman?not passing judgement,just had no idea its so easy to meet ppl like safaree who is but a door (tho temporarily closed) to a MEGA super star

    • Cricket404

      She favors Nicole Murphy, cute though.

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Say werd? Damn, Hi???

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      WHALE Errbody's got a past :shrug:
      PLUS she has the hairstyle that I used to rock in the early 90's SO God bless em ?

      *Bonus Points*
      He's holding her hand

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      What's your past? Were you born in this Country? or ?? of Le border?

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      I don't think it's so much the circles he runs in, but more the services he uses?? 3 words-Out call massage??????

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      Why yew always gotta be bringing stuff up yo?! :Facepalm:

      Imma be knocking at your door the next I get put out :yes:

      Nah, Praise HIM! MsTake bean bean taking all of the falls for our food related law issues. #thatswhatfatfriendsarefor ?

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      Men don't care. Probably didn't even ask...

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      ?? Questions averted?? I see you, Rachel??? Capers in potato salad, yay or nay????

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      I don't eat potato salad. Yuck

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      Don't eat capers or pickles neither. Yuck

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      ?????? case closed?? Alright red bone, this a?s taint gone fleet its self...ttylbbc???????


      Serious question: How does a person get convicted of a felony and only pay $100 fine and 100 hours probation? Do you know how many people would be dropping a dime for a deal like that? Also, why is this coming out now? Why not last year when she supposedly was involved with Colin Kaepernick?

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      Go handle your business player ???

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      You forgot where we at. The real story is probably she stole girls scout cookies and got caught trying to sell them to a cvs, or some ish like that. ???
      Ain't no telling WATTS WATTS :hahaha:


      Thanks for reminding me. You are so right



    • SummerBaby

      I had that haircut too back in the day.

    • SummerBaby

      What she do to violate her probation?

    • Traci404

      Another no talent THOT. How is Safaree even getting a TV show. Why?

    • Nik


    • Divame

      Dag how did she get caught

    • JoyMalone

      While Nicki is winning with Meek..whom is also a tourette rapping felon/babydaddy...please Safaree is fine no kids and seems like a nice man. He's good. Everyone has a past...why is Nicki paying blogs to expose his new chick tho...who cares..

    • smartchickfl

      There is nothing ugly about her...physically at least.

    • Teachmeeatme

      Can't knock the hustle! Everybody has a story and a pass these days.. It's what you do with the second chance is what matters :-). Sandra your shade is always read.......... I look so forward to them hahaha

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      It sure is. Compassion, empathy, and knowledge is everything. Don't leave the RN's out, though. A lot of them these days are not called either and are there just for the money.

    • 1/8

      You can knock the hustle and while everyone has a story and a pass, not everyone has a criminal record.

    • Felicia Smith


    • Diva_woman

      Nicki is in Belgium and traveling the world, and SR don't take checks from any celebs, she'll surely be dogging Nicki out on the next post. Ppl need to stop trying to make this dude happen, he's lame af

    • Diva_woman

      I doubt this girl "naturally" has a body. She clearly has a boob job. Nicki is a self made mutli-millionaire, beautiful, and has access to whoever she wants. Why is this unemployed man shouldered con-artist such a great catch? CNA liscense revoked? Really? You can get those in highschool. Yall kill me.

    • Ikcinkeem

      Every woman that Safaree came in contact with after Nicki he has tarnished their name and career. But this new girl might be good for him, because their both wearing the letter L on their forehead. LOOSERS.

    • Teachmeeatme

      A hustle is a hustle, to each it's own..... no one sin is greater than the next. You never dated someone with a criminal pass @ ALL? If that's what ma' did to get by that was her choice of hustle. Bad hustle but the one she choose. So you can't knock the hustle! She's pretty tho.

    • Ikcinkeem

      But stealing from old defenseless people at a nursing home. How can ya'll Safaree fans justify this kind of behavior. This girl Zashia has a 10 year old son. I guess she'll teach her son to steal from Safaree. LOL.

    • Queen B

      I had a dream about him last night....weird

    • rachel

      Level the playing field. What about Nicki's background? Was Nicki also a "criminal" or "felon" when Safaree was involved with her?

      Nicki's background should not be overlooked because she now has fortune and fame.

    • Ikcinkeem

      Her son gonna be in the slammer to, for stealing Safaree chains. Zashia and her son is plotting this move right now as we type. I hope he gets what he deserves from this convicted felon he's dating.

    • Teachmeeatme

      Most people don't listen/read with intent to understand. They listen/read with intent to reply! Fan? of what? of who? He actually does something? Ha! Never been a back my celebrity/socialite person. Unlike many, I don't know them to defend them. Not justifying the behavior @ ALL. I don't name call or she would have been labeled. BOL @ her son. Hey, to each it's own!

    • JennyJazzhands

      So? It's not like safaree is running for Congress or anything. I thought criminal records were applauded in his line of work.


      Can we get a post on Serena Monday?


      Lol you two are a mess

    • Erica Kane

      She's very pretty! I don't think he's losing, that's her past (albeit very recent, nevertheless, its still the past).

    • Chellie141508

      You are such a fool..and I love reading your font..

    • Femme404


    • Genia W-m

      At first I was going to say everybody deserves a second chance until I finished reading what she did. She totally didn't care about her patients by doing that. ID theft is so bad it should be a minimum of 10-15 yrs in prison with no time off for good behavior. That is a premeditated crime. I've heard of people losing their homes and jobs trying to prove who they are after an ID theft! Totally egregious!!! A crime of a thief who cares about no one but him/herself!!!!

      I have no patience for a damn thief. All these people committing ID theft, shoplifting, selling their kids for taxes, stealing taxes...they all belong in the same stolen boat. Then they're posting on FB asking for prayers. They'll never be happy by stealing.

    • Genia W-m

      Stupid? She needs to be in prison for the next 10 yrs!!!

    • Femme404

      Just watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. A+. If you like period pieces and/or spy movies this is one of the best.

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant

      Her body will forever be more natural than Nicki's as long as she doesn't run to the butt shots. And this girl may not be a multi-millionaire (most of us aren't), but she does work as a celebrity makeup artist/professional model and could have any man she wants. Safaree is with someone who publicly acknowledges him, so that's a come up in itself. And dang why did you have to do the CNAs like that ?.

    • Sassy24

      That wasn't a hustle if you think it was you are an idiot.


      Hahaha a lame for a lame

    • Diva_woman

      Fake is fake, let's just leave the body comments out. Just because boob jobs have been around longer and you think it's the same as being natural doesn't make it any more real than a fake ass. Nothing is better about this girl except the fact that nicki is the girl everyone loves to hate. Every occupation you listed for this chick is equal to every Instagram thot and no she couldn't get any man with that pedigree and her record to boot. "Make up artist/ professional model" ??? chile cheese who you fooling. She signed to wilhelmina models? lol

    • 1/8

      I would never knowingly date an ex-con/criminal or befriend one. I don't make a habit of bringing snakes into my home.

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant

      "Fake is Fake," but one job could be avoided by going to the gym, squatting, and building your butt AND thighs. Nicki took her shots to a whole new level, so now she's walking around like a bumble bee. And I like Nicki's music, but I'll never put her on some kind of pedestal to try and act like she's the best Safaree could do. Safaree dropped Nicki and at that moment she decides to acknowledge their long relationship? Nah, she was wrong for that, he supported her and helped build her career to what it is today. And some instagram models, celebrity makeup artists, strippers even, are pulling in more money than the typical professions. They get thousands to look pretty, rep a brand and party. Haven't you heard??? But, since I feel likeyou're a barb, you're going to go hard for Nicki no matter what (I was like that at one pt.) So, have a blessed Sunday.

    • Diva_woman

      Lol chile far from anyone's stan/barb or whatever I just live in reality unlike most ppl who let hate cloud their eyes. To act like this lady as an Instagram thot could have any man is ridiculous. And especially to compare what she does to a woman with an actual career, legitimate businesses and talent for a craft is unjustified. And I would venture to say Nicki gave Safaree a parting gift by giving credibility to their love and relationship to the public as a final send off. It's afforded him attention from fans, haters, blogs, interviews on nationally syndicated radio etc. Prior to her interviews their relationship was only known to die hard nicki minaj fans. People are allowed to break up and he broke up with her, their personal reasons shouldn't even be affecting folks like it has.

    • Femme404

      So Camille believes the women consented to both the drugs and the sex huh?

    • Enoughsaid2020

      Never trust a big bust, and a smile!

    • Canary Red™

      Hey hey!

      I guess she don't want to believe the proof in the pudding - POP! ???

      Pun intended - I had to!!

    • Femme404

      Camille at the house like...

    • Femme404

      Camille at the house like..

    • Canary Red™


    • DaWhitehowardondapostdawg

      Losing? This bitch fine,sandra shut yo color purple looking ass up. If she looked like you then he would be losing.clean record and all

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      That's not that farfetched IMB ??

      Going back to the Telly only means one thing IMB agane ?

      And they kept coming back.?? I wonder why? Hmmm
      If you feel something is wrong, it's wrong...

      Floozy-type hoes will allow a bunch of bullshatt, in order to get put on... And then be mad when they realize they allowed bullshatt, and still not on :shrug:

      Oh and I'm not saying Bill is innocent, I'm just saying when you put Yourself in certain situations, sometimes shatt happens.
      TTY tomorrow ?

    • Lagoschic

      ........Hence why she ended up becoming a THOT.

    • Lagoschic

      LMAO !

    • Lovezoe

      Who these folks that pop up on the weekend?!

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Who these folks period

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      All are welcome,,,for the doors have been opened on this friendly blog?? You are welcome once, you are welcome twice, you are always welcome to praise grand hustle with us?? Did you hear that your fav Evelyn Loziano or whatever is infanticipating? Praise technology?? she'll be 80 and still crackin the gates to that there uterus?? Speaking of which, what seemed like colonoscopic build up from a bomb a?s Juneteenth meal, turned out to be something much better...I thought one good poot would suffice, but I was wrong? Tell Pumkens Mammy that Yes, I too am with child?? I'd tell her myself, but she put a collect call block on her phone? ??Can't call home, the Loc is on his own...Moms is trippin she got a block on the phone????Classic Left coast rap gal, you too young, yeen know...Yeen Know????????

    • Datsmdubya2u2

      You could show men a picture of this woman and say "shes a convicted felon. Do you care? 99.9% of the time the answer will be NO! HAIL NO! If they being completely honest.

    • Justice for all

      Looking at her and Meek out together...she don't look real happy either. He seems to have more feelings than her.

    • Justice for all

      I agree

    • Justice for all

      My thing is...where has it been shown that the newbie had fake breast. To me she's a come up...real hair and still really body. Fake might be fake but I'd take fake breasts over fake breasts, teeth, butt, thighs, hips, personality, and voice. Nicki haven't money isn't everything especially if it's true that he's the reason why she has the money...can anybody say ghost write.

    • SummerBaby

      I also saw that Evelyn Lozada is pregnant. I wasn't feeling the ept test in the video #shrugs.

    • Sincerity7

      All bad....How they gonna pay the bills?

    • Ali

      I believe in forgiveness and redemption... but preying on people when they are weak to steal their id's and identity information is a despicable act. Identity theft is a cowards crime. Shame on her.

    • Bye Haters!

      That shows she sneaky and will do anything for some money...safaree look like a sucker to...wonder how this will end ?

    • Bdot

      CORRECTION: Sexy ass convicted felon

    • Ebel24000

      And if you were in an expensive restaurant and forgot your wallet who would you prefer to be with?