Safaree Samuel

Nicki Minaj’s hapless ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels probably thought his new girlfriend, Zashia Santiago, was a prize catch. It turns out Ms. Santiago is a convicted felon who worked as a certified nursing assistant until her arrest for identify theft.

According to Flex, Santiago collected patient IDs and social security numbers for her boyfriend, Cristobal Puig, who allegedly used the info to file fraudulent tax returns.

Santiago was promised $500 per patient once Puig received the refund checks. But their plans went awry and Santiago was busted.

She lost her job and her CNA license.

Santiago pled guilty to stealing patient personal information and one count of felony possession of 15 or more unauthorized access devices. She was spared prison and received a $100 fine and 100 hours of probation. Her light sentence probably means she snitched on her boyfriend.

Santiago is due back in court for violating the terms of her probation in May. Which means Safaree might have to put money on her books when he visits her in prison.

Poor Safaree. He stays losing. At least Santiago wasn’t born a dude.

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