US Marshal Service

A horny U.S. Marshals Service employee is under investigation for engaging in a sex act with a female on the rooftop of the federal courthouse in Philadelphia.

According to Abc27 News, a resident of a nearby apartment building snapped cell phone photos of the randy pair who were butt naked (except for the female’s hooker boots) atop the federal building.

The resident said the pair routinely had sex on the rooftop of the courthouse after hours.

The resident sent the photos to Abc27 News who contacted the authorities fearing a security breach at the courthouse.

Federal investigators determined the male was an employee of the U.S. Marshals Service, who are tasked with keeping the courthouse secure. That employee is now under investigation.

A spokesman for the Marshals Service assured nervous Philadelphians that there was never any security breach and no non-employee, other than the unidentified female, had access to the courthouse roof.

Remember I told you that if your man is going to cheat it will probably be with a friend or co-worker? In fact, so much cheating goes on in the workplace that a TV show was created around all the videos of horny co-workers who were caught in the act at work. The show was sued off the air by some of the angry cheaters who complained that their privacy was violated.

You have reason to be concerned if your man is eager to get to work every morning. Especially if he just hired a sexy new employee. Any change in his grooming habits should be met with suspicion. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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