WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson will have to terminate their gay marriage like heterosexuals do — in divorce court. An Arizona judge denied Griner’s hasty request for an annulment just 28 days after her “marriage” to Johnson in June.

Brittney Griner

“I am thankful the annulment was rejected because an act of marriage did occur,” Johnson told TMZ Sports. “Together we made life-changing decisions which impacted our lives collectively, and we both should be held responsible for those decisions.”

An annulment would have invalidated their gay marriage as fraudulent.

Johnson, 24, is asking for $20,000 a month in child support from Griner for the twins they both wanted when the dopamine was still coursing through Griner’s veins.

Griner, also 24, was anxious to end her “marriage” to Johnson when she found out Johnson was still spreading her legs for exchanging text messages with an ex-boyfriend.

Apparently Griner didn’t listen when Johnson said loud and clear that she was straight but curious — the worst kind of bisexual to plan the rest of your life with.

“Sometimes you feel pressured into things,” Griner said about “marrying” Johnson. She added, “I went along with it and I knew I shouldn’t have and it was a huge mistake.”

Griner has already rebounded with a WNBA groupie.

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