WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson will have to terminate their gay marriage like heterosexuals do -- in divorce court. An Arizona judge denied Griner's hasty request for an annulment just 28 days after her "marriage" to Johnson in June.

Brittney Griner

"I am thankful the annulment was rejected because an act of marriage did occur," Johnson told TMZ Sports. "Together we made life-changing decisions which impacted our lives collectively, and we both should be held responsible for those decisions."

An annulment would have invalidated their gay marriage as fraudulent.

Johnson, 24, is asking for $20,000 a month in child support from Griner for the twins they both wanted when the dopamine was still coursing through Griner's veins.

Griner, also 24, was anxious to end her "marriage" to Johnson when she found out Johnson was still spreading her legs for exchanging text messages with an ex-boyfriend.

Apparently Griner didn't listen when Johnson said loud and clear that she was straight but curious -- the worst kind of bisexual to plan the rest of your life with.

"Sometimes you feel pressured into things," Griner said about "marrying" Johnson. She added, "I went along with it and I knew I shouldn't have and it was a huge mistake."

Griner has already rebounded with a WNBA groupie.

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    • SnootyPooty

      Well that will teach her.... Slow down and stop jumping from relationship to relationship.... 20,000 a month for what herself... I raised my daughter for less and she still had a good upbringing...

    • BihBettaHaveMyMoola

      Exxxxaaaaccctly... My thing is she wants 20K a month like she's not in the league too.. ??

    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      Blame Obama for this madness. He's got lesbians thinking they can make babies with each other now.

    • BihBettaHaveMyMoola

      ?? I don't know if I can blame the President.. However, I do agree with you in that Glory may not have been as much of a lesbian as Brittney may have thought. ?

    • SnootyPooty

      I dont think Gloria had good intentions from the beginning because Britney is a well known WNBA player ... If you are a lesbian why would you try and make a home with someone who is a part time lesbian.....

    • MookieFly

      Griner unfortunately chose the wrong one. But let's not try to erase history. You went this far with Johnson. Now you both have to deal with the legal process. She kinda seems unsure of herself if she's happy the annulment didn't go through.

    • IntroSpective

      Obviously the Judge found it unnecessary to annul the marriage despite Griner's accusations. IF there was proof of infidelity , why would the marriage not be considered a fraud? Isn't Britney the one cuddled up with a new chick on her IG? #Questions

    • TheRealLee

      Strange situation. Grenier's best move is to go after the man whoever he is and grill him about the plan. Imagine a man and a woman looking for easy money. She pretends to be a lesbian and pursues one with money. Lots of money. The two women marry and want a child. The grifter gets pregnant from her man. The other woman begins to suspect something and the relationship deteriorates. She tries to annul but the judge rules against her and now she is on the hook for lots of CS for 18 years. The grifter goes back to her man and they both live on easy street.

      Frankly, if fraud is suspected, Grenier should stand on top of a mountain and say so, then go after the couple who tried to defraud her. Just a thought.

    • Sexy CJ


    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      She's happy the annulment wasn't granted because she wants $20,000 in child support. Now she will get child support in the divorce.

    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      We are living in the post-SCOTUS gay marriage era. What liberal judge is going to invalidate a gay marriage?

    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      Sadly, Brittney is not a very smart girl. She falls too easily for shady women because she's addicted to Love. That's not just a song. Most women don't know what Love is. They think Love is a feeling. Brittney is easily betrayed by her feelings. Po' thing.

    • MookieFly

      Oop that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      If you cheat, that doesn't mean the marriage wasn't real. Cheating is just cheating. It happens ??

    • 1/8

      When a homosexual plays house with a bisexual, the results are usually messy. If you want to turn me off, tell me you swing both ways.

    • IntroSpective

      In this case BG says that's the reason the marriage should be annuled...

    • IntroSpective

      If marriage is equal across the board, gay/straight, then the same rules should apply to ALL.

    • hottlanta

      She wanted to get married so let them get married. I bet this time she wished the government stepped in to stop it.

    • Petty_boots


    • Petty_boots

      Lol. What's love then? I thought it was a feeling.

    • Michelle Peele

      part-time tho...lol

    • rodt

      welcome to the straight world biatch

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      I hear you CJ. Often the signs were always there, even in the beginning, they're usually ignored

    • Mel

      Griner comes off as a lil cuckoo I mean she in that pic acknowledging the pregnancy then gon act like she ain't know sheesh all these same sex relationships have the same issues as us folks

    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      No dear. Love is not a feeling. When you love your children is that a feeling?

    • Petty_boots

      Good point. In that case, it would be an instinct, right? I mean, I don't have kids, but my love for them would be natural and unlimited. With the dude I'm with now, I used to love him, but after 5 years, I guess the dopamine has long faded and I am done with him. In this case, I consider love a feeling, when it's conditional.

    • chappedlippz

      You wanted to be like heterosexuals, there you have it. No cutting corners.

    • Felicia Smith

      chicks that wants dikks lls