Nate Robinson

Former Chicago Bulls star Nate Robinson apologized profusely to his girlfriend, Sheena Felitz, for cheating on her and siring a green eyed baby boy with a jump off.

Sheena joins an elite club of wives and girlfriends of NBA and NFL athletes who sired children with groupies.

Robinson posted a lengthy heartfelt apology on, atoning for his sins and begging his girlfriend for forgiveness.

“I have to give this woman right the biggest apology in the world … Sheena I’m very sorry for all I have done to you , all the times I crushed ur heart and feelings,” Robinson wrote in his passionate apology last month.

He thanked his baby mama for standing by him through the years (they have 3 children together), and he promised to do better.

“I want to own up to what I have done and stepping out on you was not the right thing to do,” he wrote. “I should of been a man and told you the truth ,I should of talked to you about what I was doing and gave you a choice I didn’t and I’m sorry … Through mistakes GOD shows us grace , mercy and blessings… You deserve to be happy and I hope you get that one day, just want you to know I’m sorry and truly sorry.”

Oh, the irony of invoking God’s name for doing exactly what God put men on earth to do.

As long as humans walk the earth men will cheat on their wives and girlfriends. It is ordained.

Nate Robinson