Zendaya Coleman and Odell Beckham Jr

According to People.com actress and singer Zendaya Coleman, 19, and NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. were spotted hand-in-hand at a Grammy after party on Monday.

Zendaya Coleman and Odell Beckham Jr

PEOPLE reports that Zendaya and Odell were spotted at the Universal Music Grammys after party in Los Angeles holding hands.

"The two stood arm in arm as they posed for pictures – and stuck together like glue until photographers asked them for separate shots," PEOPLE writes.

PEOPLE adds that after the photo op, Coleman and Odell made their way into the party. PEOPLE claims wherever Zendaya went, Beckham, 23, followed close behind.

They do make a cute couple, but there are those pesky gay rumors about Odell. Maybe Zendaya doesn't mind dating a gay man?

Congrats to the happy couple.

Photos: PapJuice/WOW/INFphoto.com, FayesVision/WENN.com

  • Yoni

    I hope it's just two folks taking a picture.

  • Xocio

    Odell is SO SEXY and love me some Zendaya

  • observer

    Yes Lord! He is, and she is a doll. I see you Daddy. LOL

  • Mel

    Her father right in tow he plays no games. I don't think they together

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    I didn't realize Odell was so young, I thought he was older. He's cute and his videos make him seem very fun to be around. Zendaya is adorable to me. If they are together, good for them.

  • LeBrick James

    Sorry, but I give this 6 months tops.
    Unfortunately, these athletes go through women like Rick Ross goes through buckets of KFC.

  • Angela

    Why does Zendaya's father always look "stuck" with his mouth open? Like he's trying to find his way to his "special" class?

  • Sucker Free

    Yo gravi treading a thin line

  • Angela

    Well, Bawwsse lost a ton of weight so he's not going through as much chicken..Just hoes..So maybe they'll last a little longer than 6 months.?

  • iWasteTime

    Hey y'all, I "silk" wrapped my hair yesterday and whoooo, the truth.com.
    It is good for the natural girls and us creamy crack girls too. I'm not gonna front, I side eyed the shit out wrapping my hair in saran wrap but the videos were so pretty! I also did the roller set with the ponytails, also for both the natural and unnatural ..lol!

  • iWasteTime

    Her commercial during the Grammys was awesome. She slays

  • Mike Jones

    Is that Jay Z's mom behind them?

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    What product do you put in your hair when you wrap it? Never heard of this before.

  • GubmentCheeze

    Odell is fine....

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    I can't get past that tattoo that Odell has in his neck/collar area.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    I guess people can't take pictures together anymore..

  • 1/8

    She's 19. He's 23. There isn't much of an age difference, but I wouldn't let my 19 year old daughter date a 23 year old man.

    But I suspect the rules are different when the child is provided for the parent.

  • iWasteTime

    there are a ton of videos on youtube. I got mine from mylonghairjourney she a sister from the uk. I use Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Wrap Set Mousse

  • Luvn_it

    I don't believe it, I think its just 2 "friends" taking pics.

  • Meme81

    Is he? Hmmm...I'll have to watch for that.

  • Meme81

    Daddy back there lookin' like P-funk!

  • Angela

    I hatechu!! ??

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    Interesting. I'd rather pay a stylist than do my own hair, but my sis might like this.

  • Yoni

    I was looking like "now is that in reverse so that when he looks in the mirror it is what it is? Or....."

  • CaliYoruba

    I was a sophomore in college at the age of 19. I dated a 23 y.o.I think it just sounds a certain way but it's really not much of a difference. Especially maturity wise.

  • Yoni

    Dr. Jackie's hairstylist "saran wrapped" her hair in one episode of M2M. And yall know her shit is ALWAYS laid. Like she gets it done DAILY! :nun: <--- just lak dat

  • LeBrick James

    Male and female "friends" don't usually hold hands though.

  • Auditor

    He looks old...I'm like wth she doing with that man in his mid 30s...

  • VDot

    I used to say I would never date a gay man, but I may make an exception for Odell. He's so fine. And fun.

  • Yoni

    DOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints in this cold warm snow*

  • SameoleJ

    She is a young adult and so is he. She is of age so it is fine. Now if she were 16 and he 20, I could see the problem. Since men "mature" slower then women.....they are right about equal mentally. Her parents seemed to be very active and protective of her, especially her father, I don't see them letting her making money change the way they wanted to raise her.

  • Auditor

    Really not...23 year old men act 12...and doesn't really get any better as they age...

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    I don't understand. I have nothing against tattoos but I do feel there are limits. Face, neck, hands...

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    I was going to say this. Maturity wise they're probably the same age.

  • SameoleJ

    There wasn't anything wrong with it. The resident "Azzhole" will never find positivity in anything over 1/16 black, because he never will be more than that himself.

  • VDot

    COOUUUUSSSSSIIIINNNNNNN!!!! Hey Boo, Hey!! *hugs*

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    Log off. Ret nah.

  • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}



  • iWasteTime

    I've never seen that show but this chit is the truth. Mr time kept touching and asking all this from some cling wrap ...lolol! I wanted to try to combat the "dull" effect and my hair eats product!

  • iWasteTime

    Put her on! I was the same way but I like the flexibility of doing it when I want. Under the dryer with a dirty book and a L at 2am

  • MissHarlem

    Heyyyy boo ?

  • iWasteTime

    My heart!
    How you bean?!?!

  • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}



    "and doesn't really get any better as they age..."
    Sometimes they get worse. Trust me.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout


  • iWasteTime

    New post, No protest bih ... lmao!

  • Yoni

    But you do what you want when you 'poppin'. LOL

  • 1/8

    If they are dating, I can't believe her father approves of it. He's three years too old for her.

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    He is a looker.

  • VDot

    TIIIMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!! Hey LOVE!! I've been wonderful. HOw have you been? Hows Baby Time doing? Liking Kingdergarten?

  • VDot

    Hey Sexy boo *kisses*

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush


  • 1/8

    Ok. Clearly, I'm in the minority. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, because I don't have children, but as someone who was once 19 and 23, I can assure you there was a vast difference between my 19 year old brain and my 23 year old brain.

  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    I get it. There are women that appeals to. I'm just not the demographic he's going for.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    My hair is too short. I'm not trying to get arm cramps curling my hair after I do all this. But my sis will try it. I'm definitely going to send her this info.

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    Well alright

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    ~Bernie Mac~

    Sumuma Beeyot! REALLY?! This here is a FAMUHLEE blawg.

  • sunni_daze

    I'm not buying this relationship.

  • SameoleJ

    A. Her father is in the picture standing behind them.
    B. She is 19 years old, so there is no crime here.
    C. Most men are 2-5 years older than their partners, and historically it has been this way as they were responsible for providing. My grandfather married my grandmother and she was 18 and he was 22 or 23. He took her from her Aunt's house (her mother had died) straight to their home and raised their children there.

  • soflystann

    When I tell you I see absolutely no chemistry here.. I see were doing each other a favor..very arranged marriage...

  • SameoleJ

    You are thinking man to man, not woman to man. That is not a correct comparison and as a parent, at 19 your child is able to make decisions on who to date. That is a part of their maturing and learning.

  • MookieFly

    The pairing feels so odd. Like she just recently came off the Disney boat and he's a pansexual nfl pretty boy.

  • Blak

    Is that a piece of weave on his head??

  • Rachel

    They look like cousins. Like they just hanging out OBJ is struggling to create some body chemistry between the two of them. He looks uncomfortable like Jaheim used to look when folks questioned his sexuality.

  • soflystann


  • HOPoutWITthaThiccnez

    Ump That's Cute

  • Yoni

    Neither am I. LOL

  • CaliYoruba

    As a woman yes there should be a vast difference. Unfortunately, not so much for men LOL but again I was in college at 19. Five years late, we got married & had kids. In that order. Would it make a difference to you if she was 23 and he was 27? whats the "appropriate" starting age gap that's acceptable to you, 21?

  • iWasteTime

    I'm good, no complains. He is great. Will be the Big 6 this weekend! made start student of the month of Jan him and another girl for the whole of Kindergarten! My baby a big ole boy now! I miss you!!

  • Calikush


  • Milli Millz

    You meant lemon pepper wings lol

  • 1/8

    Some women operate under a misguided assumption that girls mature faster than boys. That isn't always true. He has four years on her. He is probably more sexually and emotionally advanced than she is.

  • Empress

    They look like my les cousin when she brought her gay best friend to the family reunion making him plates and ish trying to throw off my Gran Gran, nope, didn't work then and it ain't working now.


    Her daddy stay by her side, I like how he protects her and manages her.

  • Luvn_it

    I still think he on the fruity side. So I didn't think it counted. *shrugs*

  • 1/8

    I'd feel more comfortable if they were both in their 20s, give or take two years.

  • lala

    Gosh. I really hope Hollywood doesn't completely ruin her. Odell doesn't seem like a guy befitting for zendaya

  • DaddyPope

    More likely he's dating her dad

  • DaddyPope

    They left together

  • CaliYoruba

    Okay,just asking for discussion purposes :)

  • Sucker Free

    Yea cause the beard is manly but that hair is hella tootie frootie

  • Branch Davidian

    I get that Russell Wilson is supposed to be a role model but this is not what I was thinking....#beardlivesmatter

  • Precious McKesson

    That's her father in the picture also. I wonder how he feels about this.

  • free

    chile, ODB got more sugar on him than a beignet.

  • free

    her daddy knows odb ain't hittin....

  • 88

    Jaheim? Say what now?

  • just being me

    Next he will have that token I am not gay kid to ensure hes not gay lol .. Just wait and see ..


    Hilarious that she was dressed all butch and he was all over her considering the gay rumors. Odell must be an attention whore.

  • Sincerity7

    They're a cute, but weird looking couple. If that makes sense...

  • mela.reign77

    Child please, they're BFF's, nothing here to see people. LMBO

  • Torae

    That wig gots to go go...

  • TheRealLee

    She can do better.

  • Sainthella

    Zendaya daddy always by her side he not letting Hollywood get to his daughter

  • Hater

    Oh u aint know....?

  • shaylynnn

    Idc what people.com said. Her Daddy said ain't shyt going on over here lol.

  • http://batman-news.com Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    New Couple? Bwahahahaha

  • HisLovelyOne

    Her dad said: "ain't no relationship, we all friends". ??

  • morenYAHdelsur

    They cuuute!

  • BlahBlahBlah

    If u are gay and don't want to be found out, get a girl with a 14 y/o chest.. dang beck..

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Poor ODB. He's giving in to pressure from folks who pay none of his expenses. He may be a str8 late bloomer who just doesn't know how to approach a woman he's attracted to for dating. I feel bad for him.

  • MRiGOThim

    I know this is a lie cause he's mine lol

  • Starsky Willows


  • S. Williams

    when I'm out with my male friends one of them holds my hand. I don't ask for it, it's just a protective measure bc I'm usually the only girl out with my homeboys (and my homies who bring their women as well). hell, when I go to events with my cousin if his wife not there he is on me like he my man talkin bout "let them n***** think you taken don't make me have to hurt somebody" lol just sayin they could be just friends and he is doing it as a gesture of protecting her. but if they are together then oh well they together

  • TexasMocha

    They don't have any chemistry. It does look like they are just taking a pic together