Katt Williams

Katt Williams is off his meds again. A new viral video shows the 42 (or 44) year old troubled comedian being manhandled by a teenager on a playground in his Gainesville neighborhood.

The video which was filmed by a teen on his Smartphone shows another teenager challenging Williams, who responded by sucker-punching the boy.

The teen got Williams in a WWE wrestling hold and took him to the ground where he restrained him until a few adults separated them. When Williams complained about his rough treatment, the adults reminded the drug-addled comedian that he hit the boy first. Not wanting to see him jailed for assaulting a boy, they pleaded with him to stand up before the police arrived.

By the way, the young man’s wrestling move is exactly how mental hospital orderlies take down male patients who are out of control.

The young man was raised well. He could have hurt Williams, but instead, he recognized that he was dealing with a man with serious mental issues.

The incident apparently happened 2 weeks ago — right around the time Williams was arrested for punching a pool supply worker.

Williams could’ve been seriously hurt if he punched a boy in the wrong neighborhood.

Thanks to Worldstarhiphop.com for the video.