Kanye West

After spending 9 days locked away on the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center, musician Kanye West is being forced to resume his Saint Pablo Tour.

Kanye, 39, checked himself out of the hospital on Wednesday and went home to his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, and their two children, North West, 3, and Saint West, 1.

Sources tell Eonline.com that the family celebrated his homecoming with cupcakes and ice cream.

But the celebration may be short-lived. The Wests are facing financial problems and desperately need Kanye’s tour income.

According to X17online.com, sources claim Live Nation is pressuring Kanye to complete the 21 dates left on the tour to recoup the money they paid to refund tickets for the remaining 21 dates.

This may be a sign that Kanye’s insurance carriers are concerned that his 72-hour hold may have been a ruse to avoid losing $30 million for the remaining dates.

Coincidentally, Nov. 21 was the same day Kanye was rushed to the hospital after a house call doctor diagnosed him with “temporary psychosis” related to dehydration and sleep deprivation.

We’re told he’s not outta the woods on having to make good on the rest of his Saint Pablo tour dates. We’re told he’ll go BACK on the road after the new year, as soon as he’s healthy enough to tour again. “Kanye’s still not off the hook for the rest of those concert dates that were cancelled. They had to refund tickets, so the company wants Kanye to add dates to make the money back.”