Paris robbery suspects

More details have emerged about the suspects busted in connection with the Paris armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in last October.

17 suspects are in police custody following an extensive investigation into the well-planned heist at Kardashian’s luxury apartment in the No Address hotel.

Among the suspects is the limo driver who ferried the reality TV star around town during Paris Fashion Week events prior to the robbery.

The 27-year-old chauffeur was part of a small band of armed thieves who ransacked Kardashian’s apartment and held her at gunpoint before fleeing with her $4 million wedding ring and other jewels.

French newspaper Le Monde reports that most of the thieves are well-known to police. The suspects have long rap sheets that include armed robbery, drug trafficking and counterfeit charges.

The suspects were rounded up in early morning raids all over Paris, Le Monde reports. 3 of the suspects are women, and several are older than 55.

The oldest suspect is a 75-year-old man who is known to police as a local hood named “Pierre B”.

DNA lifted off the tape used to gag Kardashian’s mouth and bind her hands led police to several of the suspects.

Kardashian became the punchline of jokes on late night TV shows when she returned to tinseltown after the robbery. She went into hiding and her reality TV show was suspended.

The public ridicule and laughter nearly drove Kim’s faithful husband, Kanye West, insane. He was involuntarily admitted to a mental ward at UCLA Medical Center shortly after the robbery.

Kardashian sued gossip blog for accusing her of staging the Paris robbery for publicity. She later dropped the lawsuit after Mediatakeout‘s owner apologized publicly.