convenience store robbery

A hapless thug picked the wrong convenience store to rob in Brazil recently. Inside the store were four off-duty plain clothes police officers carrying concealed weapons.

Surveillance footage from inside the store shows the criminal was shot multiple times during the robbery on May 31st.

The footage shows the suspect, wearing a white shirt and a motorcycle helmet, enter the store and produce a handgun.

One of the cops took cover behind a display shelf and drew his service revolver. A 2nd camera angle shows the same officer fire 2-3 shots at the robber who dropped his gun on the floor. As the wounded suspect went for his gun he was shot by the other officers.

The suspect collapsed on the floor where he lay motionless.

convenience store robbery

The cop who initially shot the suspect then ran to the door to see if he the suspect had accomplices.

It isn't clear if the robber survived his injuries.

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    He got his behind beat .... with bullets !! ? You never know who your messing with , thought he was going to some quick money instead he got his arse handed to him.

  • Ryan

    I had a co-worker who was gonna volunteer down in Rio during the Olympics but cancelled because of how violent it is down there. Well, that and the shit in the drinking water supply.

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    Well damn

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    The same needs to happen to all thugs and robbers that try to victimize innocent ppl....Poetic Justice ?

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    Boflllll what in the world?!!???

  • Cheese eggs took that chance failed....???? #sorrynotsorry

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    I wish this would happen to every worthless thug in the world.

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    Yup if only

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    Why did this story make me chuckle lol I'm sorry for laughing but some folks aren't meant to be criminals

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    This video is everything amaze balls!!!!!

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    That video makes me choke ????

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    That'll learn ya.

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    Geesh talk about a bad day?????

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    When sticking up a convenience store goes horribly wrong.

  • Lolalao

    When sticking up a convenience store goes horribly wrong.

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    Won't it!

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    I think it made everyone chuckle.

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    I really tried not to laugh but i'm a horrible person so... ????

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    Lol I know

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    Now this right here is a feel good story!!!

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    Tax dollars at work.

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    They got a massive poverty problem in Brazil, to many people to little resources.

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    Awesome!!!! They should adopt that in the U.S. Tired of criminals reeking unnecessary havoc in people's lives.

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    damn lol

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    is that what instant karma looks like ? .... lololololool

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    I did ... and I'm a good person lolololololol

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    My husband and i own rental properties in Brazil it is very scary. They do this kind stuff all the time. I was robbed for my cazal shade, my Louie bag, and my fake wedding ring.

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    What's up with these multiple apple cider vinegar ads? Ugh!

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    I just hollered! ?

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    Omg ?

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    Running a blog is very expensive. Those ads pays the bills.

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    He was in the wrong place at the wrong time

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    "It isn’t clear if the robber survived his injuries."

    Y'all for real?

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    ahahaha. bs.

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    Damn is the $10/mo hosting killing you?

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    This is Brazil, that mother fucker is dead as a dead can be.

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    Greatly said

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    He was moving on the ground after they shot him. Most likely he died, but you never know.

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    We're headed that way with the income inequality in this country and the current administration and Congress are making policies and repealing others that will make it worse.

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    America has combination of problems, Brazil does not allow abortions so there are unwanted children in the millions running around.

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    This thing actually happened in Brazil,They are speaking in Portuguese in the video.

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    like that 2 dumb guy walked in a cop-party bar waves their short gun around and got 30 pistol point directly at their head

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    Stupid hurts.