Rap mogul Jay-Z appears to apologize to his wife, Beyonce Knowles, for cheating on her in a new track off his 13th album, 4:44.

In the title track released Thursday, Jay-Z confesses to bedding other women outside of his 9-year marriage.

The father-of-5 raps:

    I apologize, often womanize
    Took for my child to be born to see through a woman’s eyes
    I apologize to all the woman whom I
    Toyed with you emotions because I was emotionless

He also seemed to confirm rumors that Beyonce lost multiple fetuses before achieving success with expensive in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

    So I apologize
    I’ve seen the innocence leave your eyes
    I still mourn this death
    I apologize for all the stillborns
    ‘Cus I wasn’t pressing
    Your body wouldn’t accept it

On the same track, the rapper spits the line: “Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles” — an obvious attempt to dispute reports that Beyonce conceived her twins via in vitro fertilization.

With that one line Jay-Z insulted millions of women who became first-time moms thanks to IVF treatments. Does he consider their children to be unnatural?
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Once again Beyonce is publicly humiliated by her nearly 50-year-old husband who is going through a mid-life crisis.

Someone should remind Jay-Z again that he would be irrelevant if he wasn’t married to Beyonce, whom some believe is the world’s biggest superstar.

Bey’s loyal fans say Jay-Z is heartless to pull this stunt while she is reportedly recovering from a c-section and liposuction just days after having her twins.

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