Cardi B Beyonce

The Internet is buzzing about a rumored collabo between arguably the world’s #1 female singer, Beyonce Knowles, and newcomer Cardi B. Let’s hope the rumors aren’t true — for Beyonce’s sake.

According to Complex magazine, Cardi’s studio engineer let it slip out that Beyonce and Cardi recorded a demo together.

The engineer uploaded an story in which he displayed a music file labeled “Cardi B and Beyonce demo.”

Social media went wild in anticipating of a collabo between the “Halo” singer and the one-hit-wonder who is only known for her quirky rap song, “Bodak Yellow”.

Let’s hope the engineer pulled a stunt, because Beyonce’s career will take a nosedive if she puts out a song with a known gang-affiliated rapper.

Some artists wait their entire careers to record a duet with someone on Beyonce’s level. And now she is lowering her standards for a rapper who stole her flow from another rapper?