Usher Dennis Byron Laura Helm

R&B crooner Usher has a lot to smile about now that his herpes court case was dismissed in Georgia. Usher’s accuser, New Orleans singer Laura Michelle Helm, 32, dropped her $20 million lawsuit after her original attorney, Lisa West, asked to be removed from the case.

West allegedly pulled out of the case 2 days after Helm’s former publicist, Dennis Byron, pictured above center, released audio of Helm admitting she did not have unprotected sex with the singer.

Usher Laura Helm

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Meanwhile, here is an exclusive photo that your auntie could not post while the case was ongoing — for obvious reasons.

The image shows Helm smiling seductively while her then lover, Usher, goes in for a big wet kiss during an intimate encounter.

Usher Dennis Byron Laura Helm

The 39-year-old father-of-2 admitted having sex with Helm, but he said she assumed the risk of catching an STD by spreading her legs to random men.

Usher reportedly regrets the wording of his legal response which gives the impression that he is herpes positive.

By the way, disgraced lawyer Lisa Bloom quietly dropped Usher’s other accusers, including Quantasia Sharpton.

Bloom, who is keeping a low profile after the Harvey Weinstein debacle, had hoped to piggy back on Helm’s case against Usher. But that’s all over now.

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