Diana Ross and grandson Raif Henok Kendrick go grocery shopping

Joe wrote in to express his disappointment over my Diana Ross post which simply pointing out what other people were saying about Ms. Ross ignoring her 8-year-old grandson Raif Kendrick during the 2017 American Music Awards.

Please note that Sandrarose.com did not give an opinion on whether Ms. Ross snubbed her adorable grandson onstage. In fact, Sandrarose.com posted photos of Ms. Ross and the boy going grocery shopping. That hardly sounds like I disrespected the R&B legend.

Joe writes:

From: joenavarro818@yahoo.com
Date: Today, 09:20:15 PM EST
To: sandra@sandrarose.com

Ms. Rose,

It is really unfortunate and disappointing that you would stoop to a level of trying to turn a wonderful family evening for Ms. Ross and her family into a negative story.

The AMA event was wonderful, a success and a great achievement for her. she called her Grandson on stage by name, she is constantly allowing him to dance and be involved in many of her concerts and constantly brags about ALL of her grandchildren.

Using references such as “Flack” “Ignoring” “Doting” “Biracial” “Mixed” “Race” “accused” shows your poor penmanship as a writer and a lack of professionalism.

In the future I would like to encourage you to think twice abut your skills and accuracy of a report before you advertise it. Friendly advise.

Have a nice rest of the week.