DJ Akademiks Sean Combs Star

DJ Akademiks, Nedaska Alexis and Star, co-hosts of Complex magazine’s web series “Everyday Struggle” called hip-hop mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs “old” after he complained that rap was being diluted.

“I just don’t want the culture to get diluted,” said Combs, 49, in a video uploaded to his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Combs also said he didn’t want hip-hop to get “so mass produced that it doesn’t mean anything.”

Combs was likely referring to rappers such as Safaree Samuels, who leaked his own nudes to promote a track which dropped on Wednesday.

“Diddy sounded old. I love Diddy, but Diddy sounded old,” said Akademiks, 36.

“Nowadays niggas just need they laptop or just their f-cking phone to record a track,” said Akademiks, who added, “Everybody is now a rapper.”

Host Star described Combs as “an older guy” who is “trying not lose his grip” among the younger rappers such as Migos and Lil Yachty, who look up to Combs as an OG.

“The average 19-year-old is not trying to hear what he’s talking about,” Star added.

Guest Wayno offered his opinion on Combs’ statement, saying he didn’t think Combs was struggling to stay relevant in his declining years.