Carema Lashandra Brown

A Pennsylvania inmate was busted after jail officials discovered multiple baggies of cocaine, methamphetamines and 78 doses of LSD hidden in her hair weave.

Carema Lashandra Brown, 29, is charged with smuggling drugs and contraband into the Jefferson County jail on January 5, where she was being held on two unrelated felony theft counts.

According to the Smoking Gun, Brown was unable to post $60,000 bail, and was detained at the jail in Brookville, about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

About a week after Brown’s arrival, jail officials noticed an increase in narcotics distribution inside the facility.

Jailers began interviewing inmates, and during questioning, two female inmates confessed that they obtained LSD from Brown.

One of the women produced a note written by Brown that read: “You bitches sound bored! Get on my level! LOL,” the note read. “Please conduct yourselves in a discreet way. Just say I love you when you figure out what I’m talking about.”

Armed with a warrant, investigators shook down Brown’s jail cell and searched her bodily. They noticed she began “trembling” as agents ran their fingers through her hair.

“Following the search of the hair no items were recovered,” a probable cause affidavit stated.

The next day, jail staffers removed Brown’s hair weave and recovered a stash of narcotics, including eight ounces of cocaine, eight ounces of meth, 78 doses of acid, and a glass pipe with burn marks.

The discovery resulted in the filing of additional charges against Brown, including nine felony narcotics counts and nine misdemeanor counts.

Her bail was set at $100,000.

Stock photo by Dieter Emmerechts / EyeEm / Getty Images