JCSU Alphas step show

Black Twitter is incensed with a white reporter who inserted himself into a step show by members of a black fraternity. It all started when an overzealous Fox46 reporter previewed the upcoming JCSU Alphas step show scheduled for the kickoff of the CIAA tournament in Charlotte tonight (March 2).

Social media users complain that the overeager reporter overstepped his boundaries by joining the frat members’ routine.

Some complained that white people are patronizing blacks and exaggerating their interest in black culture for political reasons.

They point to the hype surrounding the comic book film Black Panther and a report that a new “African female warrior” movie starring Viola Davis is in the works.

“The reporter ruined it for me,” wrote redgonerogue on Instagram.com. “Am I supposed to be impressed?” wrote another user. And another IG user wrote: “So disrespectful.”

Watch the video below.