teacher training

At least 16 Texas teachers will be better prepared to defend their students in an active shooter situation after attending an all day pistol training course. Teachers and staff from north Texas participated in a safe firearms training class offered by the Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas.

Photos released by the Academy shows Texas teachers lined up in front of targets and shooting at the targets during an entire day of training on Saturday.

The free event was led by a former Irving police officer, Tim Bulot, according to the Daily Mail.

SWAT and other police officers offered their expertise after President Donald Trump called for teachers to be armed in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Florida.

“Its scary sometimes. We do our best to have security at our schools, but you never know what’s going to happen. And it’s better to be prepared than not prepared,’ teacher Kim Raney told CBS News.

Information about the ‘Defensive Pistol Training for Teachers’ was spread via the Internet and social media.

Parents expressed their relief on social media that their children will be safer in the hands of well-trained pistol-packing teachers.