This power couple, who is quickly aging out of the business, rarely ever perform at awards shows. Just convincing them to show up and sit in the front row requires some serious negotiating.

On the rare occasion when they do perform at an awards show, you can bet they are getting some hardware and cash in return.

In previous years, this couple dismissed performing together at an awards show. But this year is different.

Our couple is desperate to sell out shows during the North American leg of their world tour. So far, only a piddling amount of shows are sold out. They are reportedly willing to do anything.

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Via Lipstick Alley — “I have a connection at MTV. Apparently The [redacted] have been asked to perform at the VMA’s later this month. However, they are allegedly refusing to perform unless they are guaranteed a certain number of VMA awards. Expect them to win 5 or 6 of the 8 they are nominated for.

“A VMA award can typically be bought for as low as $25,000. They allegedly were not willing to pay this. Instead they negotiated a performance deal. I’m told they’re performing Apeshit as well as a “classic” song.”


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Photo by James Watkins / BACKGRID