Apple iPhone Xs Max

iPhone loyalists expressed their disappointment over the prices Apple is demanding for 2 new iPhone devices. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max were announced at Apple’s launch event on Wednesday. The complaints started online immediately after the prices were announced.

The cheaper device, the iPhone Xs is pricey at $999, but the iPhone Xs Max — with its 6.5-inch OLED display and edge-to-edge screen — will set you back a whopping $1099 plus tax!

The Xs and the Xs Max comes in a gold finish, and both are built with durable glass (no more cracked displays). The phones are also more waterproof than their predecessors, and supports FaceID and 3D Touch, according to

Both phones go on sale this Friday, September 14 and are available on Friday, September 21.

Apple also introduced a cheaper phone for working class consumers who live from paycheck-to-paycheck. The iPhone Xr is affordably priced at $749, and it is available in October.