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A Minnesota woman and her two minor sons face eviction after she refused her landlord's request to remove a Black Lives Matter sign from her 2nd floor window.

Jessica Kearns is searching for a new apartment in Roseville, Minn., but most landlords don't accept Section 8 vouchers.

Kearns is white and her two young sons are biracial. She says she wants to keep the two boys, ages 6 and 9, in Roseville schools.

“He never had a problem or a complaint with me in the 14 months I’ve been here,” Kearns told the Star Tribune. “Then two days after I stick up for myself and tell him that there’s nothing in the lease that says I can’t put up a sign, he wants me out.”

Her landlord, Barry Star, gave her 60 days to vacate after she placed the Black Lives Matter sign in the window.

The landlord said he received complaints from other residents in the brownstone.

"I have to think about other tenants and try to protect them and keep them happy,” Star told the newspaper. “The biggest issue is just that her kids are unsupervised and they’re harassing other tenants.”

Star said his rental contract prohibits political or sports-related signage in windows. But the contract may not apply to tenants with lapsed leases. Kearns' lease lapsed on June 30.

“I’m trying to operate a professional building and having signage denigrates that,” Star said.

Kearns asked Legal Aid for assistance to extend her eviction.

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  • Mielle Downey

    Black Lives matters is an insult to the intelligence of all black people. If she feel that only Black lives matters then you you find one that can rent you a roof over your head. Shaun Talcum King a liberal weirdo that aint even skin folk. Poser,

  • Nyla x

    Mmm this lawsuit smells delicious

  • Soda

    Where did it state that her sign included the word 'only '?

  • Mielle Downey

    Where did you see other races listed?

  • Marlika

    She looks like one of those white trash moms who let their kids run amuck.

    Now she how’s she has her back against the wall with section 8. No matter where you live a lot of landlords do not want to accept the voucher. She should’ve just taking the sign down.

    I see a few folks with political signed in their window in my complex. Honestly it just looks plain tack no matter what the sign says.???????????????

    Her ass truly doesn’t even believe BLM, her putting that sign up is her white way of being down.?

  • ohdearme

    I'm trying to place myself in the landlords shoes, would I as a single man or woman want to live in a building with any signage other than "Vacancy" in the window, probably not. Now I'm in the tenants shoes, would I refuse to remove the sign after being asked to do so, knowing that I no longer have a lease? Hale NO! She can teach her boys about Black Lives Matter inside her apartment, having a roof over your head trumps your desire to show support. Not to mention she's on Section 8 that's rarely taken? Nope.

  • supastar

    OHHHH wait white people get Section 8????

  • Blaque Mahogany

    Umm now y'all know the trolls are going to be in here. ?? Don't fall for the traps...

  • Ni Ni

    This ain't our problem.

  • Mielle Downey

    Now she knows what it feels like to be black. wake up call.

  • FukkFolks2018

    She shouldnt be thrown out over this. But then again I dont feel much empathy for a white lady with half negro children in MN. How many blacks in that town need Section 8 and aint got it is my question? Or on the waiting list? That town she is in is EIGHTY ONE PERCENT WHITE. 81%. Its a burb of Minneap. Same county actually Philando Castile, was killed in. The county (Ramsey) overall is 70% white. White privilege lives DONT matter this time. Not to me. Hope you and your kids find somewhere to live Jessi.

    NEXT case

  • FukkFolks2018


  • Soda

    To say that black lives matter doesn't mean other races are excluded, it means blacks deserve to have the same rights and living standards as everyone else. But of course people like you see it as losing your privilege to have the best of everything on Earth exclusively.

  • FukkFolks2018

    No she doesnt. She still white as fukk. Even with a voucher she gonna be more okay than other single mammies of a different complexion. A black mama would have moved on in silence or taken the fukkin sign down to ensure her and most important---her babies, had a place to lay their head. This is a case of WPriv. gone wrong.

  • Alextra Ballard

    Shol laint!

  • davine puddin

    Many sub divisions hoa even ban college sports flags. I had to remove where i work at on my facebook page because of some employee personal conduct and comments outside of employment. One thing even though i dont drink i am not allowed to be seen in a bar with anything brandishing my company logo. So i guess she should have taken itbout thr window

  • SeannaPaula

    Tell that to the judicial system and the other two branches of government, and be sure to mention the inclusive part too.

  • hi-liter

    I guess if she was able to purchase her own home she would. Can't nobody tell you what you can and can't have in your own shit.

  • KLove

    more than you know lol

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Phillybruh

    I have to keep my grass mowed to certain length...take the sign down and keep it moving.

  • Quitedeliteful


  • ShelbyMoore

    Sure ain't. Plus, I doubt she knows what to tell her so called "black" sons anyway. The things that we, as black women/men, have to prepare our black children for in life is something they will never get. So, they can continue having their "black" kids and sending them out into the world ill prepared as "black" men.

  • hi-liter

    Well at least the "regular" white women with "black" kids support the cause. You got the "celeb" white women with black kids that don't even carry a Black Lives Matter key chain.

  • Quitedeliteful

    would I refuse to remove the sign after being asked to do so, knowing that I no longer have a lease?
    Right??? Just take the sign down and keep it moving Becky!!!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile rofl .... sweet Jesus ... That Gif alone chile is hilarious .....

  • Ni Ni

    Right, sounds like she has a vendetta against someone in the complex. Maybe they called her sons out their name or they complained about the kids behavior. Maybe the kids daddy(s) will let her come stay with him.

  • ShelbyMoore

    IDKY ppl rent their houses to ppl with those vouchers. I have not seen one come into a property and not destroy it. I have family and friends with rental properties and the things that they do the houses is unbelievable. If they are ruining ppl's houses the way that they are, then they should lose the vouchers. They're literally living for free...they have one job, one! to keep the house clean and they can't even do that.

  • Logan Roberts

    Hmmm....A roof over me & my babies head or a sign that basically doesn't mean shyt?. What a difficult decision. Her ass probably get plenty of foodstamps too.

  • ShelbyMoore

    These types of women are the ones that down black women, then turn around and have kids for black men.. She must have thought cause she's white the black daddies were gonna stick around and be a family. Most of their as$es weren't raised with fathers and don't know how to be fathers themselves now she's out here looking like booboo the fool.

  • Ni Ni

    Ikr. There was a yt girl at my old pt job and she just wanted me to know her kids dad was black. Talking about you might know him, he's such a hoe. Then, she pulled out her phone so i could see his pic. I didn't know him since i pride myself on not associating with trash?.

  • Yardgirl

    Preach sis!!

  • Soda

    Now suddenly all lives matter after centuries of vile treatment in this land mainly by one race. Tell us when America was ever a great a country.

  • Yardgirl

    This gif is giving me LIFE!! :-))

  • ShelbyMoore

    Gurl! They be so happy to be disrespected by black men...they just line up thinking he will treat them better than they do us. Ha!

  • FukkFolks2018

    When the Natives were here and they were here fukkin dolo. Before the interference of these white demons. So the 1500s.

  • Jefferey Franklin

    Did you retarded ass miss the reason she was evicted in the first place?

  • FukkFolks2018

    This mess done pissed me off and 2 of my meetings got cxld this afternoon. I got time today

  • FukkFolks2018


    Summary for YOUR slow lead ass: She wants a pass from her landlord to put this sign in her fukkin window on behalf of her half negroid ass children. The landlord said not here, not today. She should have said okay. But she DECIDED (as in she made a CHOICE) to test the rules....bc she is FULL OF W.Priv..

    And now her and her gatdamn KIDS are homeless.

    Dont forget to leave when you GO

  • Mielle Downey

    Rwanda and other African countries have ethnic cleansing of their own skin folk. Black Americans were sold into slavery by their own people. Black men are killing each other at a higher rate than the cops. Go sit down somewhere and preach to someone one who doesn't know any better. I said what I said and if you don't like it too bad.

  • Soda

    Right, it was. I should have asked when was the USA ever great.

  • Ni Ni


  • FukkFolks2018

    Nobody gives a fukk what you said. We said what WE said AS WELL. Nobody has to agree with you.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Please think about this...

    Every time black people (I know she is not, but she’s a sympathizer) proclaim their rights to be human, and treated as such, in America the government and society view them as a threat.

    I can’t wait to read about this movement in the future.

  • SpiceGirl

    With the good

  • Quitedeliteful


  • SpiceGirl


  • SpiceGirl

    Was going to say the same thing......

  • Goddess™®?©?

    Soda, girllll...You know what, stop explaining to the “others” that we are not necessarily turning a blind eye on them and that we just want our voice to be heard. Don’t go soft on them or try to get them to see our point of view. They are EXCLUDED! They excluded our BLACK asses! We didn’t matter!!!! WE STILL don’t matter that is why we are STILL fighting to be heard and to matter and as far as ALL human race matters, they say?? Ok so now, they consider us human because they want inclusion “to matter” we are ALL human now?!!! We were NOT considered human. They labeled us as 3/5 of a human. We were chattel. We were their PROPERTY! We did not matter and there was no explanation given to us as to why we were excluded or why our lives didn’t matter! They want to be included so we cannot have anything as they never wanted us to have anything. We are a unique class of people because of our brutal, painful, traumatic and devastating history, the light shines on us and here they come wanting to dull the light under the guise that ALL humans matter. If we include them we are not calling attention to our special circumstances. They ARE NOT included!!!! They did not want to include their asses into those ass whippings and severe punishments we received. Where was the inclusivity then?!

  • Waya Hedia

    "But then again I dont feel much empathy for a white lady with half negro children in MN"


  • Waya Hedia

    Yeah. Teach them respect, responsibility and the meaning of hard work. Then they will be prepared. That's all ya gotta do. Oh .. yeah.. and if you father children STICK AROUND and raise them.

  • Waya Hedia

    Thank Democrat politicians for making it almost impossible NOT to rent to these people. You'll get hauled in for some kind of discrimination if you don't.

  • BingBangBoom

    Dang she messed up a good thing. Section 8 is hard to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just follow the rules and stay low key. Chile its too cold in Minnesota to be homeless. Winter is right around the corner...... gurl get it together.

  • Waya Hedia

    Oh yeah.. she sure seems privileged.

  • HelloToni

    False...Even if she lived in a sub division she may be required to remove the sign,

  • Soda

    I am sitting down, honey, and I got all day to do it. Africa is a large continent. How do you know that the ones sold into slavery were "their own people" and not immigrants from one of the many other countries of Africa, or do you think that all Black people are related? Every day I read about white folks killing each other so don't act like white-on-white crime doesn't exist. What's your point about black men though, that because some are killing each other it justifies police brutality? Maybe you should go lay down somewhere---you're delirious.

  • HelloToni

    I think what people fail to remember is that people of color or even people who sympathize with people of color or people that know that other people are being treated unfairly willingly take a stand. Some people say its stupid or meaningless. Same people said when blacks boycotted the bus line and missed work or had to walk hours that blacks were stupid or should have just gotten on the bus. I admire people who take a stand no matter what.

  • Jefferey Franklin

    Sooooooo she used her white privilege to post a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign. I know you think because we are black you have the upright most authority on who and who can't claim to be black. But this is just ridiculous. The woman was standing up for social injustice and sacrificed a roof over he kids head to do so.

    While you Mr Fake Internet Malcolm X wouldn't so much as chip a nail for the "cause". You have no right to say who is black enough when you haven't sacrificed a damn thing for overly racist ass nonsense.

  • Guest

    DUB taint here for the BS! Yes, I been lurking on Sandra Rose for the last 100 years.

  • Gamer?? Chick

    Well Becky in case you didn’t know you can use your voucher to purchase a home on Section 8, i’m Not sure if it applies in your state.

  • Jefferey Franklin

    Smh at these comments.

    When you think your views might be extreme and racist and you find out there are people 100 x more ignorant and petty then you are.

  • hi-liter

    She on Section 8, she ain't living in a gated community with homeowners assoc fees. If she was in a neighborhood she could afford, she can display whatever she likes in her yard on her property.

  • SunRiseBlossom

    Say it louder so the people in the back can hear you!!!

  • Phillybruh

    I applaud the stand and she can still take it and not be homeless.

  • Soda

    We were NOT considered human. They labeled us as 3/5 of a human. We were chattel. We were their PROPERTY!
    This allowed them to thump their Holy Bibles without guilt while subjecting us to inhumane treatment.

  • Roderick2011

    What happened?

    Did she catch half of the Holy Ghost?

  • TheThrowbackBeauty

    She tryna get some go fund me $$$
    She will too.

  • hottlanta

    Wow a white woman on section 8. Thanks sandy for the white female history moment n bringing it to the forefront so folks can see it for themselves. Grabbing kleenex l am so moved.

  • hottlanta

    That musta been some good dyck she had to make her go to office dépôt get some poster board n markers n put thé sign in thé window for all 2 see.

  • Mister Fantastic

    It was not because of what was written on the sign, but a big arse sign being placed in the window. Who does that? Stop looking for sympathy!

  • Mielle Downey

    The moors and arabs were slave traders.

  • Goddess™®?©?

    Now, they want to be lumped with us because we are a BIG THING! Lol, tuh!? They only want to attach themselves to the controversy of it all because we are drawing attention from the world but also by adding them we lose sight and not shed light on the urgent issue. If they are included then we are undermining our fight and our cause. The lines get blurred and I am telling you our issues will take a back seat because our black asses always want equality for all. Bless our hearts, we always want EVERYONE to be alright! FUCK THEM! They’ve always been more than alright! Their lives always have mattered. They are and never have hurted for anything. We are a damaged people with a terrible historical past. WE WANT THINGS ONLY FOR US!!!!! Listen to me, EVERY OTHER race on this planet RIDES FOR THEIR RACE all other races are EXCLUDED when it comes to matters that are unique to their race. We have to shut the others out. This shit here is exclusivity, baby! You have to have BLACK SKIN and have suffered along side us in unspeakable, heinous sufferings. No other race in the history of time has suffered to the extent and for so many centuries as we have! We were subjected to sheer and utter cruelty. We still suffer today form our ancestral past. Our lives did not matter. They are NOT apart of this BLACK HUMAN RACE so they must stop with “all human race matters.” We are UNAPOLOGETIC about any all exclusion if it doesn’t pertain to the specific LIVES OF they were unapologetic about excluding us during slavery and even today, don’t be fooled. They are the outsiders, they are the ones who oppressed us. WE MUST PROTECT OUR CAUSE and our rise to action AT ALL COSTS!

  • Renee Bee

    "This is America"!!!

  • Soda

    So? None of it was right.

  • CocoBabe88

    Most leases don’t allow advertising and endorsements through their windows. It’s a rental building therefore it looks like the bldg is affiliated with what she’s displaying, not the tenant. It’s pretty common unless for whatever reason not stated in the lease. When she owns her place she can hang what she wants.

  • Ryan

    Speaking of BLM: Nashville officer charged with criminal homicide in fatal shooting of black man

    A Nashville police officer caught on video shooting a man in the back as he ran away has been charged with criminal homicide.
    Officer Andrew Delke was charged Thursday in connection with the July 26 shooting death of Daniel Hambrick, 25, according to an arrest warrant obtained by CNN. Delke's attorney said he plans to plead not guilty.
    Surveillance footage released last month by the Nashville District Attorney's Office shows Delke, 25, who is white, chasing Hambrick, who is black, until the officer aims his gun. Hambrick falls to the ground within seconds.

  • supastar


  • Toni Toni Toni


  • Renee26

    Her yt entitlement won't let her believe that

  • Renee26

    Right...get a bumper sticker, bracelets, lanyards, etc... You still get the message out

  • Malcom Flex

    White baby mama got two mixed black bastards then go to the kids fathers to live with him. She's totally stupid a typical white braud thinks the world revolves around her. The people paying her rent and she's trying to play activist.

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    BIG DUMMY ???

  • Rhondalousey

    Oh shut up.

  • Eileen

    Sooooooooooooooooo its out of the bag now ww are baby mamas from bm smh...

  • Rhondalousey


  • Lovey

    90% of interracial relationship that have Bi racial black/white children end up to be baby mommas.

  • Jamal Warner

    What study came to this conclusion?

  • Kayke

    When you are a ward of the state, you don’t have rights.

  • She.Is.Not.Ready

    Sure is I know a few second generation project chicks and they will not give up those projects! Sad because these kind of resources should be transitional. Other folks could use a hand up but to many are using public assistance as a crutch...while they maintain new cars clothes and shoes. Can't say I want that life but it sucks to see so many taking advantage.

  • Chicagowise

    Charging him with criminal homicide was a smart move. That charge includes murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide. It increases the odds of a conviction. He better get his @$$ ready for a rough ride.

  • BingBangBoom

    so true!

  • Goddess™®?©?

    Thanks for taking the time to read it, I know it was long winded...but i’m a passionate bih! Lol. However, It was enlightening and eye ? opening. I am WIDE awake and as we awaken we must awaken others. Each one teach one. ??

    Love ?? and light?